Happy Birthday...

Yesterday was Lola's birthday. Ryan and I talk a lot about how to make sure our kids know Lola - not just know "of" her, but how we can help them know who she was to him and to our family. We decided that honoring her birthday could be a simple gesture of the kids releasing a balloon to send to her in heaven.

When we got home from school and Ryan had three balloons waiting along with a single black piece of cardstock and chalk for the kids to send a note to Lola. We talked about what their notes could say and how happy Lola was to celebrate her special day with Jesus. 

Radley remembers Lola but let us know that he was sad because he couldn't quite remember what she looked like without seeing a picture. We explained to Emmy that Lola was Ryan's mommy just like GiGi is my mommy and how much she loved them both as well as Landry.

Emmy decided she just wanted to put Lola's name on her card. 

Radley was determined to make his {perfect}. He kept erasing and redrawing even tearing up at one point because he just couldn't "get it right". Radley brought the best out of Fely - she lit up when she was around him. I loved how much she became more involved and present in our lives once he arrived. She would play for hours if that's what he wanted and he loved the time they spent together. 

We tied their notes on to the ends of the balloons (we did suffer a helium casualty when Emmy let her balloon go inside and it popped) and sang happy birthday before letting them go.

 And then we watched them climb in the sky "all the way to heaven".

Radley couldn't wait for her to see his note and fell asleep asking me if I thought it made it to Lola yet.

Ryan, as he always does, tried to be strong but you could see the sadness and feel his heartache. I am so proud of what a faithful and honorable son he is. 

Happy birthday, Lola. We miss you.

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