Happy Monthday...

 Lillian Landry King

you are


What have you been up to lately?

Not much has changed on the food front. You still nurse/take bottles 4 times/day along with your 3 meals, and, you LOVE to eat. It's almost frightening. You are not very pleasant when we don't give you food fast enough. You become almost caveman like with your grunting and banging in demand for more food. (It's actually pretty adorable). You get a sippy cup throughout the day and you haven't fallen in  love with it yet, but you are getting better at using it. You really eat basically whatever we are eating and I am so happy for my third non-picky eater. We will begin transitioning you to whole milk in the next few weeks which means our nursing days are coming to an end. 

I'm glad you are eating so well because that stomach bug made you lose some weight so hopefully you are packing on the pounds again. You are still in size 3 diapers and mainly 6-12 month clothes. 

Naps are still a favorite past-time on the weekend and you enjoy your beauty sleep at night. We put you down around 8pm every night and you sleep as long as we let you. (Thank you)!

I think after 11 months of mentioning "angel baby" I can declare it to be true. You have proven to be the go-with-the-flow, sweet, loving child and we are so grateful. A smile is never far from your face and you light up the whole room with that toothy grin. 

You have started to do this hand flapping thing when you are really happy or you clinch your fists and shake with excitement. Clearly the most adorable thing ever. 

Your tears are usually caused by frustration of wanting something. You have found the cabinet doors that lead to the sippy cup supply and plant yourself there for playtime. If you can't get it open then you let us know you aren't happy. It's a different cry than when we aren't feeding you fast enough though. 

Emmy and Radley are quick to sooth you no matter what. 

Speaking of your siblings - 

Radley LOVEs taking care of you in the car. He gives us a little play by play and is so good about holding your socks and shoes that you will inevitably remove at any point en route to our destination that day.


You and Emmy play so well together. And you really do play. You let her drag you around and engulf the entire house with your laughter. I LOVE it! She is never far from where you are and she is kind of digging her big sister role. 

You love the following:

Playing peek a boo (still)
Pulling hair :/
Playing with toys you aren't supposed to have
Following your siblings around the house
Being cute
Rocking pony tails
And mommy cuddles


You are finally consistently pulling up on things! 


You also nod and/or shake your head in context.

Example, when we ask if you want more food. Instead of signing "more" you nod your head "yes!" Or if we ask if you are all done and you aren't you will shake your head "no!"


Baby genius.

We are officially in party planning mode!!

Love you like crazy Lovely Landry!!!!

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