Here's our week at a glance via my phone. 

(I am definitely convinced that instagram is my favorite form of social media). 

Landry's newest favorite perch is the window in our living room. I think she likes tormenting watching the animals. 

Getting our craft on.

Cutest Valentine's Day mail boxes ever. 

Sweet Jillian had a birthday party last weekend while we were in Abilene and her momma brought the left over cupcakes to work. Score! 

We heart messy faces.
And big brown beautiful eyes, too!

Emmy does not love "thunder cats" (aka thunder storms) - she decided the safest place was Radley's bed. Isn't this the sweetest?

She is pretty into wanting to be like Mommy these days. Exhibit A in picture above with the hair band around her wrist. Exhibit B below with the towel on her head. 

Gets me every single time.

Ours is a crazy, unbelievable, imperfectly real, true {LOVE} story. 

The Valentine's crafting continues...

We are making them a letter a day until Valentine's Day - each one will have an adjective that describes them.

W - witty
E - elegant
L - lovely


The best kind of priceless artwork hangs here.

Friday we went on an impromptu double date with the Munsons to Lupe Tortilla - home of the coolest playground ever for kids. Many more nights at this place will be in our future!

And that's us in an instant! 

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