Tiny Tales Thursday...

I'm pretty sure there is no avoiding the fact that children grow up to be like their parents. I act like me and Gigi aren't really all that much alike, but clearly we are. (In more good ways than not).

Well, these days there is no denying my children are like their momma.

Tonight Radley got a special Valentine treat with permission to play the Wii on a "school night". We were bowling and the ball wasn't always doing what he wanted it to do. This was greeted with a ...

"The ball literally just hit that pin, Momma. Literally."

As in:

Ryan, I literally just said to turn the dryer on.
Ryan, I literally just asked you to grab my glass of water since you were in the kitchen.
Ryan, I literally reminded you two minutes ago to ::enter trivial task here::.


And it's not just Radley.

We will ask Emersyn to do a number of things and get a response of...

"Excuse me? No ma'am."

As in:

Excuse me, Emersyn. We do not hit our sisters on the head.
Excuse me, Emersyn. We do not take our hair out of our pony tail.
Excuse me, Emersyn. We do not...

(Which the whole "we do not" saying deserves a post itself).

(I mean, who is 'we', because I certainly take my hair up and down all the time)


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