Here's our week via iPhone.

Last week I left you with a sleeping sickie baby. As soon as she woke up from nap it was a bottle with probiotics. Some weird kind of miracle these things are.

Friday night was full of celebrating my sweet friend, Jennifer. 

Fab and 40!

Emmy insisted on wearing a necklace just like Mommy. And then wanted me to take her "pitty pitcher".


I ran some errands with Gigi on Saturday and Ryan was in charge of the laundry. He thought that Landry could use an extra spin cycle. 

And then right as we were walking out the door for our 3rd party of the weekend, Radley got hit by the bug. I was so sad for him because it was his friend's party and he looked at me and said, "I guess I don't get to go to the party, huh, Mommy? I don't want to get my friends sick." 

I think the magical "sick pallet" helped though. 
(at this point, Ryan had been complaining about a sore throat for about 12 hours...)

Emmy's baby doll got sick, too. She kept pushing her around in her stroller and even let her use the sacred bunny. Such a sweet Mommy. 

Landry was super excited about her new stroller!
(And so was Mommy!!)

By Sunday morning Ryan was in full-blown flu mode. 

Radley was still sick. 

Mommy had 13,580 things that "needed" to be done. 

And two little people were at my feet all.day.long.

Not my best Mommy day.

On Sunday afternoon I was greeted to this after nap time. 

Which means that exactly 5 minutes later Ryan lowered the mattress. 

Over the weekend one of my childhood friends sent me the selfie on the left of her headed to a Grammy's (yes, as in THE Grammy's...I have super cool friends) Bash. 

I felt obliged to send her the selfie of me on the right after surviving 2 kids with the stomach bug and a husband with the flu in 2.5 days. 

Love that we may have different lives but the same small town friendship!

Monday night was birthday party invitation stuffing night.

I AM SO EXCITED about celebrating our little princess. 

Ryan had last week off so he took that time to get a few projects around the house done and to finally put together one of Radley's birthday presents. (Yes it was almost 6 months ago).

It is this awesome remote controlled shark balloon.
You read that correctly. 

He LOVES it.

Emmy and Landry? Notsomuch!

Valentine's Day loot.
"It's just like Christmas, Mommy. But with hearts." 

The DQ gift cards were a big hit. Thanks, Gigi and Pops. 

My heart personified. 

Cindy and I had discussed doing some kind of fun countdown for our kids to Valentine's. The kids names have 14 letters each - so we decided we could do a letter a day with an adjective that describes them.

Good in theory - hard in practice. There are lots of "Ls" in the King kiddos names. Lots. And we didn't want to repeat. Also - "ys" are hard. 

William Radley: Witty, Intelligent, Loving, Loquacious (his favorite), Independent, Amazing Magnificent Remarkable, Athletic, Daring, Legendary leader, Enthusiastic, Yummy

Estelle Emersyn: Entertaining, Specially spunky, Tiny, Elegant, Loveable, Loud, Endearing
Enchanting, Mesmerizing, Earlybird (always the first one to wake up), Rambunctious, Snuggly, Yappy, Nuturing 

Lillian Landry: Lovely, itty bitty, Laughable, Luscious, Indescribable (ironic, since we are describing her with these words), Angelic, Nifty
Lively, Affectionate, Noteworthy, Delightfully divine, Radiant, Youthful

And now you are bored.

We took advantage of Ryan's week off by taking Friday off, too! We spent all day together and even went to the movies. In the middle of the afternoon!

And then dinner!

And that's us in an instant! 

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