Sunday Funday...

This weekend was perfect.

Like warm pancakes with butter perfect.

Vanilla icecream with chocolate syrup perfect.

First kiss perfect.

Just. Perfect.

Cindy and I got to attend the dotMOM Conference in Frisco and we had the best time. I will post about that tomorrow, but for now I will share the beautiful day I had with the people that gave me the gift of motherhood. 

We hung outside a lot and I have to admit it was Landry's first real time playing around in the dirt. 

(In our defense, she hit the "play stage" in the winter.)
(And by winter - I mean those 2 weeks in Texas when it's cold.)

These two are old pros of course.

Landry loved being outside with her bigs. She kept trying to follow them around. 

But she would get distracted by that cool little phenomenon known as dirt.

I love that my little girls aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

 Landry was in heaven.

Well, until I wouldn't let her put all that dirt in her mouth.

She just couldn't understand.

And eventually...

curiosity won...

and somehow that smiled returned.


The day was perfect. Filled with smiles.

And cruising.

And bike lessons from Dad.

We even had a visit from Uncle Pete, went on a family bike ride so Radley could practice his skills, evening mass and a Sunday dinner prepared by Daddy.

Thank you, God, for all the abundant blessings in my life. 

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