This is a little late - but here is what we were up to last week!

Chubby cheeked, two teeth, crazy haired, brown-eyed beauty!

I was able to finish Landry's baby book (well at least get it up to date).

This is HUGE. 

(Thanks, sweet husband for distracting the kids).

This girl needs to quit growing. 

She eats like a champ and loves her sippy cups.

What happened to my baby???

Gigi made a stop in CS on her way to Baton Rouge and was helping the bigs with their homework. 

Radley has actual homework. Emmy just likes to be like Radley. 

There never was a more true statement for the week I had. Thank you, God, for amazing friends. 

Ryan and I had noticed that Emmy had problems articulating some of her words which makes it hard for her to communicate and for us to understand. Which then leads to everyone being frustrated. She also has the tendency to stutter when she's frustrated or early in the morning.

I called and set up a speech evaluation. 

Yeah - she passed. At the level of a 40 month old.

Way to go, Emmy! 

(but I'm still glad I called - and she actually LOVED it).

One of my favorite former students was in town to perform in our union for a coffee house. 

He's going to be huge one day. I just know it!

Sadly it won't be very long until they are running the halls of the MSC. 

(and note to self - if I ever need a break - just let them run up and down ramps).

All packed and ready for dotMom.


We had a bittersweet goodbye on Friday morning. 

Miss Shanon got a wonderful opportunity to grow in her career but that means we won't see her nearly as often as we would like. So thankful for the people we have in our lives that love on our kids while we can't. 

And that's us in an instant!

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