Shake the sickies out...

We had such a fun weekend planned!

Friday night we got to celebrate my unofficial "big sister" celebrate turning 40! Jennifer is just a beautiful example of a wife, mom, sister, friend and professional. Can't count the number of times I have sought her guidance in life or silently watched her "handle it all" with ease. 

Saturday we headed to Koppe Bridge to celebrate on of the "crew" on his 33rd birthday. 

I love that we take up the whole back porch in all of our crazy mess. We are loud and messy and comfortable and 
Bebe and Papa (Cindy's parents) were in town and Gigi and Pops hadn't seen the grandkids in maybe 12 days - the horror! 

Kelly and Stu (the birthday boy) getting some practice in before they take the plunge into parenthood! I'm sure Caroline was giving them some great pointers for baby Wyatt - she is such a great mommy!

We just had a fun afternoon being silly, eating corn dogs, hamburgers, french fries and of course... 


(I don't know how boys just "know" how to be gross {and silly and cute}).

Emmy isn't a fan of loud noises (which is ironic given how loud she is). Koppe Bridge is directly across from a railroad track - so when she would see/hear a train she would be crying because of the sound but demanding to see all the cars. Pops finally got her to calm down and quit crying.

Pretty soon we will be celebrating another birthday...

I can't believe she is almost ONE!

After lunch we headed home, took naps and got ready for party number 3. We were loading the car and then it happened - Radley got attacked by the stomach bug. 

I will spare you the details, and he was ok, but just so pitiful when he realized it was probably a good idea to skip the party. He was pretty excited about he "super sick pallet" that we make on the couch for the current victim. 

Then it happened again.

Except it was Ryan. And it wasn't the stomach virus.

This is where I pause to throw myself another pity party for my Saturday at 5pm - Monday at 9am. I was pretty done with sick kids (Landry 2 weeks ago, then Emmy, then Landry again, then Radley) and just wasn't ready to deal with the "grown man" patient.

Radley switched from laying on the couch to napping while the girls were literally at my feet


It's a good thing they are so cute. 

And that random mess was our weekend. 


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