Sometimes life can be planned out so well, and then a big giant headache gets in the way. At around 3am on Saturday morning, that is exactly what happened to me - a HUGE migraine hit and I was miserable (and so was poor Ryan since I have the pain tolerance of a baby). 

Two migraine pills and one hour of sleep later, I was "functioning" because Saturday was Ryan's day to work and I had promised two very cute toddlers (and one adorable baby) that we were touring the bakery one of our favorite places with some of their favorite friends that morning. 

I wasn't going to disappoint them. 

Or myself. 

This was AWESOME!

They got to check out the freezer...

Look at cool machines (with their buddies of course)... 

And see the pizza oven!

Emmy was acting a little clingy that morning but I had L in the moby wrap, so Jenna offered to tote around Miss E. 

(later I would find out why she was so clingy)

Silly faces before making their OWN loaf of bread. 

Jackson loved it!

So did Radley... 

He came up with a wormish design. 

And Emmy even perked up enough to put some chocolate chips(!) in a loaf. 

This was Landry's view of the whole tour. 

Kayla is to the left and you can tell that she bakes with her Momma a lot because she was a pro!

The finished products. 

Cindy picked up the loaves later that afternoon and they were actually pretty tasty! I am so glad that Krista arranged this little outing for us - headache and all it was fantastic! 

The rest of the day I fought my migraine while I was in a Junior League strategic planning meeting for 4 hours    and Emmy managed to catch some tummy bug which meant we had to cancel our family date night to OPAS. :(

BUT, Sunday rolled around and that meant the SUPERBOWL was here, which meant we were going to eat lots of yummy food and hang out with friends. 

Which is exactly what we did although I only took one picture. 

True story - I went outside to snap this shot and the kids told me to wait while they got "in order". I don't know whether to be proud or terrified of the monsters we have created! 

And today I spent the day with this tiny tot while she continued to fight off the tummy bug. 

And that is the most boring weekend recap in history. 


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