Tiny Tales Thursday...

Texas weather is hit or miss. One minute cold the next minute hot. One morning warm over night it freezes. So the Kings believe in a layered approach to clothing kids. Radley doesn't love a long sleeved tee once he is indoors because the boy sweats.

As I was picking him up from school the teacher's asked me if he was "allowed" to take off his LS shirt (Which I thought was a weird question - I mean why wouldn't he be?) to which I replied yes.

Teacher: Oh - ok. The other teacher thought she heard your husband tell him he couldn't.
Me: No - it's fine. Why? Did he throw a fit about it?
Teacher: No - he just kept telling us "but Mommy said I could and Mommy is in charge of Daddy!"

Thank you for that affirmation, Radley.

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