Here is a glimpse at our past week from my trusty iPhone...

The kids loved making their own bread. If you have a bakery in town, you should call them and see if they offer tours. Major mom props to Krista for setting this up - I want to do it again!

Landry took her first ride in the jeep on Sunday.

I **think** she liked it!!! 

Rad was such a sweet big brother and kept it in "low" gear just for her.

On Monday Emmy still wasn't over her stomach bug so we got to hang out at home.

Don't you wish you looked this cute when you were sick?

Sidenote: she looks so much like Fely/Lola in this pic! 

Our day consisted of princesses (Rapunzel is the favorite)...

and naps.

A little late in switching our calendar - I just love this so much. Ryan bought it for me when we decided to buy this house. It was my surprise "we really decided to move and can't take it back don't freak out too much" gift. 

Lots of Jedi training happens around here. Even Emmy does the sound effects.

Then we moved to princess clothes and artwork.

100 days of school. I agree with Jenn; I don't' remember this part of school but Radley has been obsessed!

Poor kid, already has homework. 

But he's a nerd like me and likes it.


Hubby got mad props for taking care of dinner last night.


100 Legos for show and tale on his 100th day!

And victim #2 of the stomach bug. 

And that's us in an instant!

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