Adventures in Neverland...

 **Disclaimer - I somehow managed to change my shooting mode to Raw. Y'all I don't even really know what that means - so I clearly can't take any responsibility for the quality of these pics. I really think I should just stick to my iPhone. Filters are my friend. Now for regularly scheduled blogging.**

Gigi and Pops once again gifted Emersyn a week of dance camp for her birthday. And at her request, Landry got to attend as well. They picked "Adventures in Neverland" and y'all - it may have been the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was a hip hop class and on the last day everyone got to dress like a character from Neverland. My girls clearly picked fairies - but they didn't want to wear their Tink dresses because that would mean they couldn't be in "dance clothes."

The struggle is real. 

The big kids got to lead us all in their verse from the week which was centered around
 Matthew 6:21...

For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. 

Suzanne's is a great studio because among all the fun and frill of dance, they really do a fantastic job of teaching our kids to glorify Him in all that we do. Whether that's dressing up, dancing, or searching for gold - God should be the center of all our actions. 

The littles started us on our adventure through Neverland with a celebratory dance.

(And I need to add that we asked the girls if they wanted to be in the same class and they were super brave and decided they could be alone. Landry was like a dance all-star... hip hop may be her gift.)

And then the real adventure began... but first, pirate face.


They spotted land...

they walked the plank...

they scaled a mountain.... 

and crossed a bridge...

and finally got to dance around their treasure!

And then Emmy's class went on a surprisingly similar adventure... 

And I missed most of it because my camera kept saying it was full which is when I realized I was in the wrong shooting mode because, well... #momwithfancycamera

But I was able to make room for the two most adorable fairies in all of Neverland!


  1. Oh, to be a child again. To be a child forever in the heart. They're the cutest!

    1. I really would attend this camp. So much fun!

  2. They're the most precious babies in the world :)

  3. I feel like this is my token comment - could they BE any cuter?!