RHM Road Trip 2015: Day 4 & 5...

 We had big plans for our last full day in Breckenridge - Cindy and I had booked us for a half-day float down the Colorado River. It was going to be so many things - beautiful, unforgettable, amazing, historic, and FREEZING. Yeah - mother nature had other plans for the two moms that like to plan everything and since it was forecast to rain pretty much all day, we changed our plans. This is what the kids thought about the rain... 

Haha - but they were actually MORE excited about the alternate plan because it was a trip to the Denver Zoo! (Cindy and I were just excited that they all wore their fishing shirts that we picked out). 

I was pretty pumped, too - I love going to the zoo. Fun fact: I wanted to get married in the zoo but we didn't because we ended up getting married in CS instead of Waco. 

The weather was absolutely perfect and the kids had so much fun looking at all the amazing animals. The peacocks walked around freely and let you get so close. I really wanted one of them show off, but they were practicing some humility that day. All of the animals were so good for a show... 

Especially the polar bear. Y'all - this was amazing. He kept swimming by the window and we lucked out and it was just us at the window so the kids had the best show. 

He even came up for a surprise!

It was so stinking fun!

Live footage provided by Josh...

I think they may be as tall as the bear if we stacked them.

I really need to give credit to all these kiddos. They spent a solid week together and there was not one moment that sticks out in my mind as negative. Don't get me wrong, they are kids, but they shared, and helped and used manners and just really enjoyed their time with each other. 

Even we weren't making them!

Emmy started getting brave by the time the 3rd peahen and her babies showed up...

perhaps a little too brave because she looked up and shouted, "Mommy! I touched him!!" 

Not sure if that was allowed. Oops.

The Denver Zoo was great because it let you bring food into the park. We had so much that the wagons were used more for hauling our stuff than our people. Good thing we had some adorable strong helpers. 

Every once in a while, they rode, too. 


They had to save all that energy for monkeying around. 

We made it to the carousel right before the rain came through and all the kids were so big and brave to ride alone.

It wasn't the day we had planned, but it was a pretty awesome time for everyone.

And when we got back to the condo in Breckenridge, we were greeted with enough sunshine to enjoy some lazy time hanging around. 

And then all too soon, it was time to put on our souvenir tees and head home.

Thanks, Breckenridge for being an awesome inaugural RHM destination! We had a blast and can't wait to come back!


  1. Oh my goodness that polar bear!!!! I would die. I have pix like that from the San Diego zoo of Dillon and a Hippo. So much fun. Way to be flexible mommas!

  2. I love that you wanted to get married at the zoo!!! I opted to get married in CStat versus my hometown too!