Better late than never...

We had a pretty fun day celebrating our guy a few weeks ago. We didn't do anything elaborate - in fact I can't remember exactly what we did that day. I know we made him breakfast and I think we went grocery shopping - but I can't remember what exactly we did which means we had a day of nothing at all which is a great kind of day if you ask me. 

One thing I can't forget is these three showing him all the love with the special gifts they picked out and made for him.

If there is anyone in the world that appreciates a card - it's Ryan. Words of affirmation are definitely his love language and when it comes to the kids, this man is a sucker for home made goodness. 

I love that they love him so...

that they are eager to give and receive hugs and kisses from him... 

even this big kid still calls him Da-Da from time to time and it just makes me melt.

I think his favorite thing was this nap on the couch. So what if it was at 7pm - he still got to sleep while we walked around and got stuff done. 

Happy (super late) Daddy's Day - we love you!

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