Tiny Tales Thursday...

Landry loves Merv. Our cat.

Like adores him. Like lays on him adores him. They are pals.

Merv was kicked out of the house by his dad a few years ago for refusing to use the restroom correctly (He pooped directly outside the litter box every.single.time.) but he has adjusted well. We were leaving the house the other day and I hear Landry...

Oh, Muvh... hi. pets him
No, no - you bettah move. We not hit you with the cah. Just go lay down wight heea. pats the ground under the bushes
I wuv you, Muvh. See you later.

It's pretty stinking adorable and I need to remember it forever.


  1. Aw. Adorable indeed. And so young but already have an empathy for animals. Good job!

  2. Ah! I can hear that sweet voice saying that! I love how kiddos love their pets!!!