Sweet Baton Rouge...

The kids, Gigi and I spent a few days in Baton Rouge last week. We hadn't been in a while and we were missing MaMaw so we packed the car and headed out after their big Adventure in Neverland. We made it in time for dinner at the original Raising Cane's and all was right in the world 

We took the next morning a little slow and then made our way to one of the awesome parks in BR. The kids had fun splashing around and I finally gave in and joined them. I had no idea Gigi was snapping pics but I'm so glad she did. Moms aren't in the pictures very often. :)

We went shopping, ate some sushi, shared some noodles and swam in an "LSU pool" at Merritt's apartment. 

Although the highlight of their trip may have been this. The giant water leak that the City "discovered" - my mom has been calling about this for 10 years y'all. And finally someone came and did something about it. It was crazy! They pulled up MaMaw's driveway and the ground was hollow underneath because it had washed away - it's a miracle a car never cracked it. The workers were so much fun and talkative (my people) and had it all fixed up by the end of the day. 

We just enjoyed a few slow days of sleeping where we want, finding fun treasures (a note to Santa from my mom in 1960!!!), catching up with old friends, and of course eating the world's best food. Louisiana gets it done y'all. 

Then all too soon, we said "until next time". Love that my kids know her. Even the orny part of her. True story:

Emmy found all these old notes and MaMaw was getting a little, well annoyed. She got out of her chair and walked over to where Emmy was playing with them and tried to hide them from her in her pocket. I said, "Now, MaMawa, you can't take that away from that baby." And she said, "Well, she took it away from me, first." Like she knew exactly where Emmy had found it. Stuffed in a book, under a couch, covered in dust. 


Oh. We got MaMaw's first selfie, too!


  1. Hahaha.....my Mamaw totally would have done something like take something back from one of my kids too! love it

    1. She was serious, too. If only she knew all the stuff me and my brother have used, broken, taken over the years! ;)