Links and lists...

It's Monday. And I slept a lot this weekend which has made me strangely lazy and tired. I have about a million things on my current list: update family photo albums, print Landry's book, update our 50 states journal... those are a few of the undone things. I do have some things finished like mow the yard and work out. Super fun, I know. So, today I'm just sharing some links and lists with you.


Have you been keeping up with Christmas in July from The Dish and Your Merry Mailbox? We are talking lists today and have an awesome giveaway from a local boutique AND a local spa. Head over there to enter!


I am chatting it up with my new friend, Elizabeth, over at More Than a Mom today about my DIY Valence project I did a couple of years ago. If you are looking for a quick, cheap and adorable way to dress up your windows, then check it out.


I am always trying to change up my work outs. You know my love affair with my ShakeO and I've mentioned how much I love the 21 Day Fix, and both of those things are still true. BUT every once in a while, I need a shift. I pinned this over the weekend and I'm going to try out these work outs all week. We leave for Baton Rouge on Wednesday, so hopefully I can get a good, quick work out in while traveling. Today's was quick, challenging and had me drenched in sweat.


I love a good sneak peek, don't you? I feel like I get to be in on a fantastic secret. And since we are friends, and friends share secrets... I'm gonna share a little secret with you... 

More on this secret later. 


I have still yet to make these popsicles. Don't they look divine? And these breakfast pops sound delicious and sound fun! We talked about these and a few more fun things over at the Dish for their #BCSSummerBucketList challenge!


Holly is at it again with her Summer of Service challenge. Last week was all about Random Acts of Kindness and this week she is working on gathering school supplies. I love this. I love her heart for serving others and I love that she gets her kids (mostly) excited about it, too. Make sure to bookmark this one because if you don't have time now then you can plan to make this part of your summer of fun in the future!

What's on your list? Love to hear!


  1. I can't wait to see your cuties in Aggie gear!!! And, thanks for the shout out! It's mostly that darn teen that gives me the stink eye - love on that sweet Radley while you can! :)

    1. He's getting pretty good at the stink eye too! And as far as that Aggie gear- you'll be able to get some too...

  2. You're the best.You know that right?