We got to hang out with one of the kids absolute FAVORITE people in the entire world on Sunday. (And mine, too!) KK, Ryan and Graham were in town for a wedding so we had them over for lunch. We got to hug their necks, catch up on life, fill our bellies and our hearts. Katelin lived with us when Emersyn was a baby and now she sits in her lap and reads. I don't know who is more teary-eyed over this... me or KK. 

And since my kids love and adore her so much, they clearly love and adore G-man. And who wouldn't - he is seriously so stinking adorable. I wanted her to leave him with us for the week. We need a little blonde haired, blue-eyed boy in this brown house. 

Sometimes you just need a Toy Story marathon for no reason at all. All 3 in one day. And the kleenex to approve it - y'all. TS 3 is the worst. I cry uncontrollably every single time.

Speaking of crying - MAKE IT STOP. AHHH.


She sure is going to rock it!

The whole We5Kings clan hit the driving range. I am not too shy to admit that I was awesome. Like seriously so good. #notsurprised #mybackhurtthenextday

My new favorite hobby is finding workouts on instagram and trying them out. This one was awesome - I did it twice with a quick 10 minute run at the end.

I also did this one day and after the run did the circuit again backwards. 

Why? Because I'm hard core. And crazy.

And that's us in an instant!


  1. I'm impressed you have had 3 kids and can still do jumping jacks!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! I have to make sure and use the facilities before starting and maybe take a break in between! ;)