Everything but the kitchen sink...

Whew - sometimes life feels just like that expression. We go/see/do/get everything but the kitchen sink. (Now, I need to confess, I had to pause and look up where that expression started. I clearly relied on google to help me out and then obviously clicked on the first link - so if you are curious about this phrase and so many others, here you go.) #youarewelcome

Ok, back to regularly scheduled blogging... 

What I am saying is we have tons to do and sometimes I don't know how we actually get it done - but I am so glad because life is just too much fun! Here are some of my favorites from this week...

My girls...

I can always count on them to appreciate the beauty of a summer shower. Anytime it is raining, they completely stop whatever they are doing, throw on bathing suits and run outside. It's the sweetest site and sound to witness. Their love and laughter outshines any rain storm!

Emmy's class takes field trips every week and this week was a big one to the Waco Zoo - I was going to let it be a special trip just for her but she wanted her siblings to come along. Radley had junior golf so it ended up being just a day with the girls (and 18 classmates + parents). Her heart for her sister is so big and we had a fun morning hanging with some animals. 

#thistripnotsponsoredbyNike #dangit #justZOOit 

Speaking of a big heart - we finally made it to Keep Brazos Beautiful to drop off the gift cards Emersyn collected at her Garden Pool Party.

She was so excited to hand them over and eager to talk about what they would buy with "all those Lowe's credit cards!" Raena with KBB was so gracious and just as eager to show her how this would help our community...

but first stickers. :)

She took us back to the supply room and showed the kiddos all the broken rakes and shovels and let Emmy know that this money would help them buy plenty more of tools just like this!

And then they all got to practice picking up trash.

Note to self...

buy one of these. Have kids pick up toys with them because it is so much more fun!

If you are sick of the crazy amount of presents that come with birthday parties or if your kids are like mine and have way more toys than they need, I highly suggest swapping gifts for donations at your next event. Pick something that interests them (in this case, flowers and gardens for Emmy) and try to match those interests with what you are collecting. I promise it will be a big hit and it's never too early to start teaching them about giving back.

My guys...

This kid is amazing y'all. He has been saving up his money for a while to purchase his own iPad. (He's actually had the right amount, but we were putting it off.) This week his dream finally came true and we went to the store with all his cash. I am so impressed with his responsibility and patience - I'm pretty sure at the age of 7 I could save enough money for a pack of gum before spending it all! 

He's also a pretty awesome helper. On this particular day he proclaimed, "I've worked ALL day. First I dropped the girls off at school, then ran errands with Dad. Then HEB, hair cut, and painting. And I helped you pack. THEN I helped the bug guy. I mean - I'm exhausted. I need to sit." 

Ryan needed to make a "quick trip" to Walmart for one thing. Yeah... right. The kids are going to love those Noodle Pals!


Making memories...

I had a dinner out with some friends this week and got this series of texts from Ryan. He was helping the kids make homemade Frosty's. As in Wendy's chocolate frosty's. As in - OH MY WORD they were so good! A little tutorial will be coming soon!

And the thing that's even sweeter than that ice cream - these happy faces!

My kids love helping out in the kitchen with anything. They love to cook - they even love to clean. I love to let them help - even if it makes a big mess. (I learned that skill from my own momma.) They went from making ice cream to making detergent to get all that mess out of those clothes. This was super simple and so much fun to make. If you missed it, check out this easy peasy tutorial here

My community...

Remember when I talked about the bible study Cindy and I were leading? Seamless has been such a blessing to both of us - this lovely community of women gathering on Sunday's at 7 to talk about His word. We listen, we support, we encourage (we have honestly yet to cry - which is crazy) and we are learning SO much... together. For example... 

Did you notice the part where Angie REPLIED to us. I made it easier for you by surrounding it in a very discreet yellow circle. Oh, you saw that? Well... clearly she loves us. And we promise #welovejesus

My friend, Stephanie and I met a earlier this summer and talked about making a blogger community in Bryan/College Station. She started the Dish and we were both aware of some other bloggers in this tiny town but we had never met them. We went from a Thursday meeting, to a Facebook group (let us know if you want to join) to a Facebook Page (go like us now to get updates from all the local bloggers) and a community of friends. We hosted our first BCS Bloggers event this week and it was just too much fun! 

You have any tips from any blogging communities you have joined?

Within this community, I have been able to actually meet and get to know Holly. She shares my love of so many things, one of which is service. If you remember last week, we volunteered at the Food Bank and Holly has a Summer of Service series on her blog. 

Well, one of my favorite moments from this week was making another one of Emmy's requests come true. She has been begging me to take breakfast to the fire station by our house. I mentioned this to Holly and her crew was able to join us for the fun. We carb loaded these guys to last them a week and they were kind enough to give us a quick tour and let the kids explore their trucks for a bit. 

No service is too small, y'all. 

And while I am gushing on Holly, how sweet is she? She knew we were going on a road trip soon and she brought us some goodies for the car. I love this! Thanks, friend!

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  1. Great recap! Cracking up that you looked up the origin of that saying.....Holly is definitely rubbing off on you!! haha

    1. Haha - it was kind of unlike me! This bible study has me researching all kinds of things!

  2. Your kiddos are so cute! How awesome that he saved up enough money to buy it on his own. I love that! And that instagram... I was cracking up. Love Angie Smith. Have a great weekend!

    1. We were so very proud of him! And he has done a great job with it so far! I have a post drafted about our process as parents about this decision, if I could just ever get around to finishing it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You made me feel like a rockstar today! Thanks, friend! I just want to squeeze your kiddos! They are awesome - just like their mama! Love that serving is so important to you! Can't wait to serve more with you in the future!!! You guys have fun!

  4. Ooooooh I want that frosty recipe! :))

    Look at that happy face with his iPad money!
    The sweetest.

    Also those adorable tutu bath suits!
    I want to head out in my bathing suit the next rain storm ;))

    1. The frosty's were amazing - working on that post for this week!

  5. Wow you have been crazy busy! I love how sweet your little girls were at the zoo... love those days where they want to spend all their time together!

    1. These girls are hard to separate - I won't be surprised if they live down the street their whole lives! (And hopefully close to me, too!) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love your photos! Seriously cute kiddos! And one of our fave places to go is the zoo- we have a membership!

    1. My mom has a membership for all of us and we love it!