The last parade...

Every show must come to an end and sadly for Emersyn, today was her last "big show" at the Weekday School and I am not ashamed to admit, I cried. She was the first one through the doors for the beginning of the parade (#shortieperks) and was totally sporting her serious look. Clearly, because parades are serious business. 

She never quit waving that tamborine? firecracker? random stuffed paper plate? as her class marched around the gym.

Then another familiar face walked by and I audibly gasped at how big she looked. 

Where did my baby go?

By Emersyn's 2nd lap around, she was all smiles. 

They lined up for their big performance and I could feel the tears coming. 

And then, y'all, they sang Proud to be an American. I cry anytime that song plays, but to hear 18 four and five year-olds sing it word-for-word - gracious. I don't know how there was a dry eye in the house. 

(This was clearly "stand up next to you!" as evident by the foot raise.)

I'm so thankful for a school that takes the time to do special things like this. It lasted 15 minutes, but I know it took weeks of preparation and tons of patience from these teachers. And I appreciate you! 

And then just like that... they marched out the gym.

I probably would have laid on the ground in denial if i didn't have two more years of "little" left. 

When it's her last turn, I may have to come sedated. :)

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