Did it take me long enough to post about the rest of our trip or what?!? They do say good things come to those who wait, so be prepared to be knocked off your seat. Also known as - picture overload.

While we enjoyed watching the Plainview parade on the 3rd - the kids (and the moms) got to be IN the Hale Center parade on the 4th.

#dreamscometrue #borntowave #smile #candy #anyexcusetocoordinatethekids

(I probably could have come up with more #s but you get the idea).

And yes, they are wearing custom made headbands by moi. We don't play. (We also don't sew, so braiding 3 pieces of fabric is as good as I get.)

Ryan and Josh were anxiously waiting for our tractor to arrive. Please note Melinda in this picture - the spitting image of a blonde Lady Liberty. 

So proud to represent Brown Farms!

Landry had an absolute blast throwing out that candy but her left hand never left that rail. She was white knuckling that trailer the entire time. 

Once we made it to the end, we hurried to jump off our float and watch the rest of the parade. Seriously, everyone in town is in this thing - it's awesome!

We headed back to Bebe and Papa's for lunch and a quick pic with the tractor before going to Mid's for naps. All of us - it was the best afternoon ever. 

But once we were awake, we were ready to play! 

The kids got a huge treat when Papa offered to take them for a spin on the BIG tractor. 

He even let each one of them drive it "ALL.BY.THEMSELVES."

Clearly Cindy and I didn't want to miss out on the fun - I have no idea what we were saying here, but it may be one of my new favorite pictures of us. 

We got an extended view of the land and I asked a ton of questions and maybe learned a thing or two. 

Then it was time for corn field races...

playing in the dirt... 

and frog chasing. 

I'm not sure if I have ever seen more tiny little toads in my entire life combined than I did on the farm. 

They were every where and the kids LOVED them. 

Those poor dudes - they had no idea they would be so popular. 

Also, have you ever seen anything cuter than sweaty, smudgy kids - this is what summer is made of. 

The sun finally started setting so it was time for some fireworks. 

Melinda, Mid, and Bebe had the best seats in the house. 

(And this is where picture overload happens)... 

All of the kids were so brave and held roman candles! I took about 1048 pictures and these were the best three I got! Ha! 

We had the best day celebrating one of my favorite holidays and the fun wasn't stopping there. We still had an entire week of fun ahead... 

Also, we had a little side project that was super top secret... the video below explains it all... 


  1. Some brunettes and some blondes with an inseparable bond.

    1. They're pretty darn cute, for sure. They are having some withdrawals this week. ;)