Friday Favorites: We5Kings

My absolute most favorite thing in the whole world is time with just We5Kings and we got a TON of that time in last weekend. The kids and I headed down to Houston to hang with Ryan on Thursday before heading to Galveston early on Friday morning where we hit up Moody Gardens. The kids would have just been happy to stay in the hotel. Clearly. 

I was happy with them...

(and our photo bombing friend...HAHAHA!!!)

Other favorites... 

Seeing Radley in his element. 

Y'all. This kid LOVES sea life. He knew every single thing about each shark, most of the fish, and other creatures. I loved watching him shine, seeing him teach his sisters a new thing or two and watching them love his attention. 

Fun, fun, fun and more fun. We decided that the annual pass was the best bet for us which included access to their private beach and water park. Every twist and turn had another place to get drenched and they couldn't get enough.

The smiles on their faces at the end of the day said it all. 

An entire day at the beach and a picture to prove it. I used this one not because it was my favorite because sister friend that took it told me in her I-smoke-a-pack-a-day voice, "I took lots - and I made sure to get some of all angles. Because I did this photography class once and they told us to make it interesting." 


Babies in hats are my favorite. 

Especially when they pull them way down on their face. 


Big kids and boogie boards are my favorite, too.

And daddy's that carry those babies on their shoulders. 

And babies that grab their mommas hand in the ocean. 

Seagulls may drive some people crazy, but we love them. I brought every piece of stale bread we had with us to the beach. Tortillas, chips, and cereal too - we had enough for every bird on the gulf. 

Beach. Hotels. 

Especially the kind that have a full-service pool-side bar. 

Sun-kissed babies so tired that they sleep through dinner. 

Did I mention spending time with them? 

Happy Friday y'all! Full recap on our trip coming soon! 

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  1. I love these pictures! So much fun!! I am glad I found your blog. ;)

  2. These pictures are so cute! Where did you guys stay?