Tiny Tales Thursday...

We just spent the last few days in Baton Rouge visiting MaMaw. She fell down about six weeks ago and broke her tailbone and my sweet momma has been there ever since. She did take a week break to go to California to visit my bro and his family but other than that, she's been by her side.

This also happened three years ago when MaMaw broke her hip.

Lots and lots of "quality" mother/daughter time.

You know the kind.

One of you wants the other to do something. The other doesn't want to listen.

Picture this on repeat.

I am so inspired by my momma and how selfless she is. How much care she gives. All the she goes without to do for others. She loves more than anyone I know.

Part of this care-taking requires reinforcing new habits. Just try to imagine re-establishing habits at the age of 90. Yeah. Gigi's job isn't easy.

For example, MaMaw has to get out of the chair by holding on to her walker. Let's just say she doesn't always do this. As she was getting up without assistance yesterday my mom looked her ...

Gigi: Mother (you know the tone) - what are you supposed  to do before you get out of your chair?
MaMaw: without missing a beat  Pray?

We all died laughing. Because, well... 90 year old smart asses are sometimes funny.

Also. Emersyn's first name is Estelle. I guess we all know where that sass comes from.

And. Let the record reflect - my momma is a saint.


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  1. I love it! I'm so glad you guys went but I'm even more excited that you're back! See you Monday!!! eek!