Turns out the entire week was made up of some kind of wonderful moments, here's a sneak peak into the life of the Kings... 

I discovered these from Sunday night - photo cred goes to Radley, styling cred goes to Emmy and Landry. 

I kind of accept the week leading up to the 4th of July as a challenge to put the kids in as much red, white and blue as possible. Day 1 and they were killing it - Superman totally counts.

I go into crazy beast mode every summer and try to make up for the fact that I never work out by working out almost every day. My favorites are the days I look up workouts on Pinterest and sweat it out in the garage. I made myself absolutely laugh at loud at my Snaps on Monday afternoon... 

Monday night, Holly, Shelly and I decided that last minute pedis and margs were a great way to start the week. Let me tell you this, readers, IT ABSOLUTELY WAS. Besides the fact that my feet were desperate for a pedicure, my soul was desperate for some girl time. And maybe a little relaxation. No lie, as my foot rub began, I looked at them and said, "I'll be back in 10 minutes"... 

I'm not sure what I love more - friends that totally get the needed break, or friends that snap pictures of it! HA! Then we headed to Chuy's and split some fajitas but managed to drink our own margs. 


Red, white and blue - day 2 - please ignore the accessories. Or don't and just embrace it like I do. I love that Landry is on her tippy toes trying to be as tall as Emersyn. Everyone comments on how little Emmy is, but the truth is that Landry is shorter at her age than Emersyn was. They're less than 2 years apart and Emmy has about 3-4 inches on her. 

Tuesday was full of fun, including this trip to Target for them pick out treasures with their own money. 

Wednesday started with our accessory A-game - I have no idea how we accumulate so much patriotic gear, but I love it.  

Can we discuss how much I love eggs - I could eat them for every meal. This was a quick lunch of sautéed zucchini, squash and our homegrown maters with two fried eggs. I'm such a sweet wife that I snap pictures of stuff like this and send it to Ryan in case he doesn't miss me enough. 

Wednesday night we got to hang with baby Jacob and bring the Acosta 5 dinner. I was totally prepped to be smitten with by him but I was not prepared with how much these three would adore him. I mean, look at them in that bottom right picture. It's **almost** cute enough for a 4th babe... almost. 

This was another pic I found that Rad had snapped. They spent two days counting every single coin they had in their banks and rolled all but the pennies. Radley was being a good little blogger/social media guru and had them stand around the pile for the perfect photo op. 

Day 4 of Red, White and Blue with a teensy bit of neon thrown in for good measure. 

Holly and her crew came over to decorate our July 4th parade gear - by 11:59am we felt it was acceptable to enjoy a cold one. 

We are ready for the parade - I just hope that Jeep can carry all the cargo!

We also realized that exactly a year ago, we were bringing treats to our neighborhood fire station... we couldn't let the day pass us by, so we grabbed some ice cream and toppings and dropped off a sweet delivery. The kids had a blast hanging out with the C shift - it doesn't matter how many times we take the tour, it's always full of fun and new discoveries. 

Friday meant that the girls could **FINALLY** wear their mini-maxis.

Landry had a parade at school, so we had some fun with Snapchat while we were waiting. 

This was her last July 4th parade because I'm about 99% sure we will pull her out next year since I'm home in July and August. They had some sound issues but the kids still had a blast and looked darling parading around that gym. 

After the parade we grabbed all that change and headed to the bank to cash it in - y'all - they ended up with over $200! We decided that was their summer fun money - so whenever they want ice cream, a treat, go out to eat, etc..  then they can spend their own cash. 



Friday night we had plans with some friends to go listen to some live music and enjoy some cold beer. We met the P's at Rad's kinder orientation because he is the same age as their second oldest kiddo. They ended up being on our soccer team AND moving to the WDS so now we see them almost daily. Our kids get along freakishly well, so we packed them all over to their house and split a sitter. We also ubered out to Lake Bryan so we could all enjoy and not worry about making the drive home. 

It was like we were in college - not caring who was playing just enjoying the sweet summer nights and live music. 

And of course, bar food. 

Years ahead with this crew - four of our seven are in the same grade so they are stuck with us for sure.

Thanks to Shelly's awesome post on summer fun,  we celebrated National Hop a Park Day and hit every splash park in BCS. More on this later... 

My sweet Sunday morning patriots... finishing the week strong in our red, white and blue!

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging with Pops, playing with Legos, working in the yard, grilling some burgers and enjoying the blessings of our freedoms. 

That's us in an instant!


  1. We will seriously have to go to Lake Bryan sometime....we had such a blast when we went. I feel like a 4th of July failure...no one in my family has anything to wear!

  2. Aw. Look at those smiling faces. I guess if you enjoyed your weekend and 4th of July is out of the question. :)

  3. LOVE that we got to hang out so much this week! And, your red, white and blue game is STRONG!