We had the most boring week of all time.

And. It. Was. GLORIOUS!!!!

After a long week away the girls were super excited to return home to their toys and are back on a Barbie kick. After my nightly "turn off every light the kids have left on" ritual, I walked in the playroom to find the biggest Barbie sleepover ever. The next morning, the girls informed me that they were all a family and this was their camping trip. 

Since Landry had been on a hiatus from a school that we still have to pay full-price for in the summer, her attendance wasn't optional this week. On Monday Holly came over to help me KonMari my closet. If you haven't been keeping up with the amazing tidying up happening in Holly's life then you are missing out. She is KILLING this process and I am super inspired. I've always been a crazy organizer (even in the 8th grade I alphabetized and filed my notes from friends) but this process is about being much more than organized. 

I decided that I was ready to tackle my closet and I could not be happier!

Holly helped me say yes to what brought me joy and toss the things that didn't. 
My bathing suits are in one of those bags on the floor so once the season is over, then they will be stored with all the beach towels and swimming supplies. 

Just a few tweaks here and there and I have so much more open space in there! Look at my scarves in that basket that we wren't using in the to room. Perfect. 

I really want to paint this back wall and put up a few smaller cork boards to hang all my sweet pics and notes from the kids and create a gallery wall that has a bit more order. 

My favorite part is that I have all the same coat hangers now - the goal was get only keep the amount of clothes as I have of huggable hangers. Isn't it purdy? 

AND - I have three empty drawers now! THREE! All of them in the dresser inside our room and not my closet. (I have two dressers and who really needs two dressers?) Y'all - check out my t-shirts... 

Thanks for hanging with me all morning, Holly!!! Tuesday the kiddos hung out with some of my students while I drove to Waco and back for a funeral. Wednesday's agenda included letting the kids rot their brains with television and electronics all day while I finally got to reading The Royal We. 

Thursday was our busiest day, we started the morning at the Food Bank helping stuff bags for senior citizens. It should be noted that this is the best box destroying crew in the Brazos Valley.

From there we headed to the dentist where everyone got great reports and kept the no cavity streak alive. No talk of braces yet so I'm holding out a false sense of hope that they will get my teeth and not need them at all. 

All that work had me exhausted, so I decided to sit down and finish my book. 452 pages in 36 hours is a new record for me and totally worth it. This book was so good; I immediately googled to see if there was any chance of a movie adaptation and there is! So excited!

We downloaded Pokemon Go this week so we stopped every now and then to catch some critters. Thursday night I took the kids to the park and met one of my sweet students there and we walked around for an hour or so playing. We definitely weren't the only ones with that idea and it was slightly humorous but also kind of awesome to see so many people outside walking around. (Even if they were playing a video game).

We celebrated with our 20+ Pokehaul (I just made that word up) with DQ. 
(And score - I had a gift card in my purse that covered the whole thing!)

Friday morning this girl woke up early so we had some fun 1:1 time building a castle. 

and playing with her favorite puzzles. Bebe got these for Emersyn for her first birthday and they have definitely gotten loved over the years. 

After we dropped Landry off at school, I felt like I needed to redeem myself and run an errand. So we went to the library and got more books. :)

I decided to see what all the Nordstrom Sale fuss was about and y'all - this is the first cardigan that caught my eye. HAHA. Of course it was. 

Ryan got home that afternoon, got the car inspected, grabbed Landry and we headed up to the pool. In Texas, the greatest parking spaces are measured by shade, not closeness to the door. 

We proceeded to shut the place down. 

We wrapped up the week with pizza and Pete's Dragon. I was texting my DZ Lil Sis the entire time because we love this movie almost as much as singing the songs from it. Can't wait for the remake to hit theaters!

On Saturday we ran errands before dinner and church where we got to meet our new priest! Emersyn once again proved that she is 6 going on 16. There is a darling little craft store/antique shop next to Once Upon a Child so if you're local, check it out!

Today has been full of nothing at all except these two started to tackle this project. I'm guessing they will be done in October. 

And that's us in an instant!

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Make sure to join me and Shelly tomorrow as we Spiel the Beans on our favorite summer indulgences!



  1. Hooray to us people who feels glorious in the boring. :D

  2. A $260 cardigan?! YIKES haha!!

  3. Boring and productive - can be the best of weeks!!

  4. I totally should have given you guys my free family pool passes that I never went to pick up!! I ordered you that cardigan for Christmas ;0

  5. Looks like a great weekend, Your closet looks incredible. I really need to spend a little time with mine...

  6. Your closet looks a.may.zing! And, did you find the gift card to DQ when you were cleaning out?! :)

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