Spiel the Beans: Go to Summer Look

Did y'all try any salads from our last link? I'd LOVE to say yes, I totally have eaten nothing but leafy greens and crunchy veggies, but I'd be lying. I was spoiled a bit because Shelly brought her perfect pasta salad over for our 4th of July celebration and y'all - MAKE THIS SALAD. So freaking good. 

They all looked amazing - I'm dying to try the Bloody Mary Tomato Salad from Life in My Empty Nest and the Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad from Tractors and Glam. See all of the tasty salads here.

Today we are gabbing all about our summer style. And I hate to break it to you, but well, I may have the most boring summer look in the history of ever. But you know what? I wouldn't want it any other way. I'd categorize my style as anything casual and simple. I rarely wear make-up in the summer unless I'm actually going somewhere that doesn't involve water or errand running. I feel the most comfortable in the heat (weird I know) but I love it. I love pony tails, top knots, messy braids and big sunnies. Tan lines are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I refuse to wear a strapless suit because 1. the girls need more support than that but really its because 2. I LOVE TAN LINES. 

So here are my summer looks... 

1. Pool Days - For as far back as I can remember, my momma would sit at the pool all damn day while we played and splashed until we were wrinkled as prunes. Her entertainment varied between her latest romance novel and watching us survive playing chicken from the high dive (you know the one, kid on top of a 10ft diving board trying to jump down and land as close to possible to someone treading water who wasn't allowed to flinch or they'd be out.) I love that I'm now that mom, sitting in a hat for them to find, reading my book of choice and watching them live without a care in the world. 

2. BBQing - My style is simple. Tanks and shorts, flops on my feet and bandana in my hair so that people think I'm hipster but really I just haven't washed my hair. 

3. Summer nights - Sundress and sunnies ... oh and cold beer. 

4. Errand girl - Graphic tee and top knot. 

5. Workout queen - Racer back tank, capri yoga pants, messy braid. I also wear this as errand girl, drop of kids at school mom, lawn lady and "I'm too into summer to cook so let's go grab Mexican food" woman. 

6. Lunch dates - Differenr day, Another graphic tee

6. Pool Days, cont - Same idea, different day (also - I clearly didn't realize I put #6 twice). 

7. My favorite - "We don't have to work during the summer so we take pictures drinking beer and send them to all of our friends" ... it's not very nice, but it's kind of funny.

I also searched "perfect summer style" on Pinterest and picked my top three looks that I felt were the most realistic for me to pull off. 

1. Off the shoulder - Ummm. First of all, her hair. Y'all. Do you think I could pull that off?? I need this top in my life (first I'd need to buy a suitable strapless bra), but I need it. I totally think I could rock this look. 

2. Cotton dress & Chucks - The link lead to a dead page on Nordstrom's site, so womp womp. But I know I could pull this off because I wear a similar look on the regular and we've already established how much I love a top knot. 

3. White shorts & Floral top -  Ok. I need to embrace the shorts more - I'd prefer them longer than what this darling girl is modeling here, but I love this look. Especially the long sleeve blouse.

So there you go - my go to summer look. Now it's your turn and I CANNOT wait to see yours!!! Please place a link back to your specific post URL and not your blog homepage and use the hashtag #spielthebeans on other social media!

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  1. I'm super simple in the summer too- especially with kids. And I love that off the shoulder top

    1. I really think I'm going to buy it - or one similar!

  2. You just described my summer outfits as well! Especially the Workout Queen, that is pretty much my go-to summer outfit. I am pretty minimal in the summer and love every second. Thank you for hosting this fun link-up! Have a great day.

  3. You always look fabulous! Oh, and when you find a precious floral long sleeve flow-y top, you must share, k?

  4. Your summer looks are great!

    And I always love a striped summer dress & chucks - such a great, low-key but pretty look!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. I just bought a striped dress today! I'm pretty pumped!

  5. Seriously....that chicks hair and top in the first picture!! I'm dying. That's what I want my hair to look like EXACTLY!! And I'm so digging that long sleeve top too. I am totes jealous of your easy going summer style!

    1. Word. Want to plan a date with Karly and go for it together!?!