Let's go hop a park..

Thanks to Shelly's AWESOME post on how to celebrate summer, we've been able to have some random fun here and there. So when we saw that July 2 was National Hop-A-Park Day, we knew we had to do something fun, so we hit up three splash parks in the area.

I can't really give a big enough recommendation for this - what an easy way to get in some FREE family fun. The saying really is true...

 First up, Tiffany Park, and this is how Emersyn felt about it...

This park wasn't too crowded and could have easily held a few more kiddos. It has three splash buckets, lots of shaded seating and a fun playground for when the kiddos get bored. The other kids around were smaller so Radley sat this one out because, "I am EIGHT.years.old. Mom", so clearly he's an adult. The girls didn't mind getting all that water to themselves...

Next up, an old favorite, Tanglewood Park, also known as "The Munsons Park".  This park is crowded all the time and when we arrived, there was a birthday party going on. There isn't much shade, but on the plus side, it's pretty large so there is plenty of space for lots of kiddos.  I even got in on the action!

Lots of fun areas to play and not a chance of staying dry. Also, yes. My children insisted on goggles. At the splash park.

We did run into a water issue - it was running extremely low and slow which meant lots of standing around time waiting for the buckets to fill up.

And then it fell and didn't touch one of them... 

So the girls ran off to do something else and he waited... 

and waited... 

and waited some more... 

and just when he thought it was ready to fall...

 it totally missed him and landed completely on Landry.


We took it as a sign to dry off and head to our last top -  the splash park in Downtown Bryan! What? You didn't know there was a splash park in DT Bryan? Well, there is and it was our favorite! We had the place all to ourselves and although it was the simplest play area by far, they had a ton of fun.

 Bonus -  the train is up close and personal.

Seriously, a great day filled with free family fun! We've already decided next time we will head there, splash around, dry off and then walk down Main Street to grab a bite to eat at one of the many fun local places!

Love these goofy water loving kiddos of mine!

Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Replies
    1. They really are perfect! Maybe you'll get one soon!

  2. What a fun day! Now really wishing I would have woke my kids up to join you guys!!!

    1. Don't worry - we will be doing this again!

  3. I so love that you guys did this! And I love that you got in on the action. I'm thinking mommy drinks and park hopping sounds perfect..oh wait..I mean if we can find an Uber with a 15 passenger van!