Tiny Tales Thursday...

It's summer so cereal for dinner isn't unusual - especially when Dad is in charge. I'd like to justify this by saying that we only buy weird "healthy" cereal, but I'd be lying - especially when Ryan is in charge. Last week he came home with Trix. 



So it was a everyone for themselves / cereal-for-dinner kind of night and Landry was in rare form. Ryan had made her a heaping bowl of those oh-so-healthy Trix and I looked up to see she hadn't made it to the table.

Me: Landry??
Landry: Yes, momma?
Me: Are you going to come eat?
Landry: Yes, momma. 
Me: Well this tasty cereal is getting soggy. 
Landry: No it's not. 
Me: You're gonna be sorry.

two minutes later

Landry: Mommy.... 

I'll let you guess what came next... 

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