Show and Tell: Welcome Home

Once again I am so excited about this little link-up hosted by Andrea. I love our home - it's not the biggest, or the most adorably decorated. We don't have fancy furniture, cool rugs or amazing china. Our carpet is in desperate need of cleaning and our counter are always sticky. You will most definitely step on a lego, find an abandoned tiara, and may have to rinse toothpaste out of the sink. 

But, you'll also see that we have a place to keep us safe and warm, space to entertain friends and family and all the love we can possibly shove inside. My prayer is that our home is a safe haven to all who need it, a warm meal, comfortable bed, lived on couch. I want my kids'  friends to feel like they can run around and play and not worry about messing it up. (which is hard because y'all - I really really like things in their place). I want this to be home, not just for us, but for anyone that needs it. 

So, come on in friends. Everyone is welcome!

This is my favorite space in our house. Mostly because at Christmas it is just the most relaxing place in all of the world. Those green couches are my favorite thing we've ever purchased. I love them and I will probably be really really really sad if and when the day comes for them to retire. 

 I really love the light intros room and the fact that I can see our entire back yard sitting on that couch. So if I'm folding laundry, reading a book, blogging, or trying to catch a quick nap (ha!) and the kids are in the back - I don't miss a thing. 

Since you walk directly into our house, we don't have much space for a grand entry, but I do love this hutch we snagged at Roundtop several years ago. 

And this is the reason I fell in love with this place - all these built-ins. I LOVE them. 

(yes, we still have a bulb TV - it's from JCP - and very well may be older than the person reading this post. But hey - it works... and that's what matters.)

The dining room is to the left when you walk in - I also refer to this as the little room that holds too much stuff. We have eaten in here exactly one time. Other than that, this serves as a craft area. We just acquired that beautiful piano (for FREE!!!) and this is her current home. None of us actually play the piano (yet) but we couldn't pass up FREE! 

The rest of the furniture belonged to Ryan's grandparents and I love it. I do have a crazy plan to chop off the legs of the china cabinet and somehow create a hutch out of it by attaching the top half to the buffet. Then we could get shift the piano over and maybe even get rid of the table. In my head this works perfectly. All you experts feel free to weigh in!

We have a split floor plan, so two rooms on either side of the house. We converted Landry's nursery (and my all-time favorite room ever) into the play room. 

This room has changed quite a lot over the past few years - acquiring new toys as the kiddos tastes change. Lots of these toys were mine as a kiddo and I love seeing my crew love these things as much as I did! You can see before and afters here (and much better pictures, too). 

Then you head down the hallway to our room.

And pass a tiny bathroom on the way.

You'll like it because LOOK AT THESE BABIES!

I love our bed. It remains the second set of furniture that we own that didn't belong to someone else first. (The green couches are the first). 

This is the first television I have ever had in my bedroom - I was 35 when Ryan made that decision and while I was a little mad at first, I must admit that being able to work out in here is nice. 

And by work out, I clearly mean binge watching Netflix. 

This trunk was Ryan's dads - he brought it over from the Philippines and it is just stunning. 

We have a pretty good sized bathroom that I may or may not be itching to repaint. 

The middle is home to the heart of the house - the kitchen and family room. We live in our home - and by that I mean we have things taped and displayed everywhere. 

The kids are in a dual language program so we have index cards with Spanish words taped all over. Bucket lists, summer to dos, pictures and drawings can be seen throughout. And random special keepsakes like this shadow box with the business card of the deli Ryan and I worked at when we met above the card of the jewelry store where he bought my engagement ring. 

Last summer he added this banquette to the kitchen and we have loved it. 

We need to stain the top of the bench to match the table Ryan refinished. We started painting the chairs but soon discovered we stink at painting, so if anyone likes that kind of thing and wants a project, we will provide the supplies! :) 

I had no idea what I was going to do with this space when we moved in - it just looked so huge and empty. I laugh now, because this is definitely where we hang out. It's a modge podge of decor and I'm not sure if it all goes together, but we like it. 

(Also - those valences? SO easy and so cheap to do. Seriously.)

This space has more built-ins that we are dying to extend all the away across - we just need to pull the trigger and make it happen. 

This sweet kitchen - as much as I will be thrilled to get free space when they outgrow it - I also don't want them to ever be too big to pretend. 

Kids bathroom - nothing too exciting. The door opens into the bathtub which isn't anything I really paid attention to until we moved in. So note: never design a bathroom like this. 


The girls currently share a room because it's easier and we wanted a space for all the toys. They also make their own beds and get pretty creative sometimes. I just rejoice that all the pillows are off the floors and the baby dolls have homes. All of their furniture is antique and I love it so much.

We keep their dress-up clothes in here because they use them so much. Ryan converted an old chest-of-drawers into this darling "princess wardrobe" and it's one of my favorite honey-do projects to date. 

We have pretty big closets to hold all their clothes ... 

And this amazing hutch that was his grandmas and he refinished. 

Across the hall is Rad's room (with my craft closet in the middle that I didn't take pictures of and I am not getting out of bed now. Trust me - it's awesome.)

I love his room - it's just so him and taken on such a fun personality as he grows. 

This weekend he emptied some of his bookshelves to make room for a lego display - that blank shelf is being saved for a special project... 

His desk belonged to Ryan's grandpa... 

And the shelf above is one of the drawers from the girls "princess wardrobe".

We got his furniture from Land of Nod and hope that it's going to last him to college. 

My brother made him this Pottery Barn look-alike bookshelf that has gotten tons of use.

(The baskets underneath are for all of our summer projects - more on those later). 

And then finally you have our laundry room. 

Tons of cabinet space and counter space, too!

Thanks for stopping by - come again soon! Can't wait to discover your homes sweet homes, too!



  1. I love your comfy and welcoming home! I'm right there with you on having lots of furniture that was someone else's. Before my husband and I met, we had both lost grandparents and inherited lots of furniture from their homes. Then we married and consolidated all that furniture...we both had our own houses at that point. So we have been weeding out all the hand-me-downs since then. Very few pieces have sentimental value or fit our current style, but it's hard to get rid of a functional piece of furniture. Have a terrific Tuesday!

    1. We have an entire attic filled with stuff from "people that are no longer with us". ;) I love that we get to have these heirlooms but it's also fun to get some new stuff, too!

  2. I love all the natural lighting in your home.. And that chest from the Philippines is awesome!

    1. Thanks, Sarita! It's one of my favorite pieces we own!

  3. I love all of your little touches. I also love how inviting and warm your home looks. Your home is beautiful!

    1. Thank you - we have tried to make it a place where everyone feels loved!

  4. i love your house! you have so much great space and it's so homey!

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