Simple Celebrations...

We started our July 4th celebrations bright and early for our neighborhood parade. 

Red - check
White - check
Blue - check
Cute dog - check
Even cuter kids - check x6

The sun was a little bright and Landry just could not keep her eyes open, luckily Radley had a hat in the car. HAHA - how stinking adorable does she look??

They were all set and ready to take their place in line for the parade route. 

We weren't convinced that the battery on the jeep was going to make it the whole way, so Ryan got to be their escort in case a mechanic was needed. BUT - they made it - which I think was what they were all the most excited about it!

"MOM! We only needed ONE battery!" 

#Wee3Kings love "Merica

And, not surprising, THEY WON in their category - now to split that $10 gift card between 6 kids. 


We5Kings love 'Merica, too!

We didn't really have any set plans for the day. The past three years we've been out of town but prior to that, I always hosted something at our house. I threw the idea out to Holly and Shelly who convinced me to KEEP IT SIMPLE. So I did... 

Hot dogs, chips, queso, and all the fixings - and this crowd couldn't have been happier. 

especially when the cupcakes came out!

Our evening included some of our favorites...

The newly crowned, Acosta5...

the Baileys... 

the Janacs... 

and obviously, We5Kings. 

The McBerty's were also there but by the time it was their turn for a picture, baby Jacob had made his way into Holly's arms and there was clearly no moving him.

We did manage to snap one of all the kids though - at one point I looked up, beer in hand, and saw all these bitty ones running around and laughed as I walked over to Ryan asking, "Who invited all these kids to our party?!" Some days it still doesn't feel like we are old enough to have this life. 

We broke some rules and lit some fireworks in the backyard. And y'all, let me give you a little pro tip - don't put dad's in charge of safety measures. At one point, sweet Alex almost took our darling Kyle with a sparkler. 

We all survived and then headed out to the real show... 

And I really think I **finally** figured out how to snap a good pic!

We had a great day celebrating all the simplest pleasures that are really the biggest blessings. 

Friends, family and freedom. 

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  1. Loved spending the 4th with you guys! And, your last pic?! Precious!!!