/// 2016

Once a year a group of lifelong friends and their darling families get together to have fun, laugh until we cry, exchange stories, and catch up...and I am so darn lucky to be part of this precious crew. We all arrived on Friday in plenty of time to swim, hang out, eat a delicious fajita-filled dinner followed by a mean round of Cards Against Humanity speckled with a few "girls, it is time to go to SLEEP" thrown in. So the perfect first night. 

On Saturday we headed to Jaime's dad's house on Lake Conroe early enough to hang out at one of their beaches before lunch. 

Sweet Saylor wasn't much of a fan of the sand, she was; however, a BIG fan of her daddy. 

And I'm big fan of this daddy in particular. I love that he picked such amazing friends to surround himself with at a young age. We are both fortunate to have grown up with people that celebrate with us through the good, cry with us through the bad, and love us for the in-betweens. I hope my kids see how important it is to fill your life with those that lift you up. 

We starte referring to them all as "frousins" which got a few laughs and lots of crazy looks at first. 

Every single one of the kids had a face full of smiles...

they were in their total happy place... 

having the time of their life... 

especially the BIG kids. 

What I especially love about this crew is that they happened to pick some pretty great wives for me to hang out with, too. I mean, Chris and Jaime are great, but I love laughing and gabbing Stephanie and Kacey more than trading stories with those boys.

We happened to make some pretty cute, kids, too... 

Karys was on Saylor duty and did such a great job of keeping her happy all weekend. She was so sweet any kept giving her little gifts like lip gloss. Day made.

After a delicious lunch, we headed back out and went tubing. We could hear their giggles across the lake!

Landry wasn't so sure at first, but by the end was laughing, too!

Jaime tried his best to flip Kacey and Stephanie over and almost succeeded!

And these boys got brave and decided to be all, "Look, Ma, no hands!" on their second turn. 

Sunday morning was slow and easy with a big breakfast and more time in the pool until lunch. Then we went for a quick walk to feed the turtles that Kyhler loves so much.

They were so thrilled to take a picture... 

On the walk back to the house, we ran into the guy.

He was also not impressed with us. 

Check out that tail... I mean... crazy. 

Like all good things do, the weekend had to come to an end.

We had so much fun and are so grateful for the Bryant's opening up their gorgeous home and playing hosts to this crazy crew. 

Looking forward to the next time we're together and the 25+ more years after that!

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