Tiny Tales Thursday...

I love all the sweet things my kiddos say, but I love even more, the sweet things that they do. As I was dropping off Landry on her next-to-last-day in Sunshine yesterday, her sweet teacher pulled me aside because she had to tell me a story.

She wanted me to know that Landry had been extra kind to a new girl in class a couple of weeks ago. She was explaining how the kids can team-up in play groups (totally normal) and on this particular day, the new girl was alone. She said Landry invited the girl to play with her and her friends... and even after, on this particular day, Landry's "group" said they wouldn't let her [Landry] play if she invited the new girl, Landry said, "That's ok - I'm still going to play with her."

And so she did.

You pray so hard for your kids. You hope that your often imperfect example is setting in. You are intentionally kind to others so that your kids can see kindness in action. And you just hope that you raise nice kids.

My eyes couldn't help but fill with tears of pride in my sweet girl.

Now if only she were that nice to her siblings...

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  1. awesome kiddos don't fall far from the tree! you guys are amazing examples of loving out loud - your kids can't help but show the same kind of love! good job, mama!