Friday Favorites: Road Trip

Ryan has been home for the past two weeks and it has been amazing. AND to top it off, he took the kids on a mini-road trip this week so I was home ALL ALONE for 48 hours. WHAT?!?! And while I missed them all terribly, the time alone was such a silent blessing. Literally.

On Monday, I didn't leave the couch for a full 12 hours, broke for dinner with a friend and then a late night Target run and then resumed my position back on the couch. Tuesday was filled with more an amazing trip to the spa, some drawer and closet organizing and then drinks and the movies.

Heaven on earth. 

And while all of that was super amazing, my FAVORITE part was all the pics he sent to me during their trip. He even sent me a few snaps on the SC... #swoon.

And did I mention they drove all the way to OKLAHOMA??!

Ryan grew up in Sherman which is about 30 miles south of OK, and he really wanted to take the kids to Lake Texoma and show them all the things he loved about growing up near the lake.

They headed back to the great state for two days of fun!

That included fishing... 

and looking adorable supporting the USA for the Olympics. 

He sent me this text around 9:30pm on Monday... 

"ending the day with Taco Bell and the Olympics!"

On Tuesday, the visited Lola... 

hung out with "frousins"... 

and checked into "THE COOLEST HOTEL EVER!!!!!!!!!!"

Not gonna lie, I'm also a sucker for the Embassy Suites. 

They ended Tuesday with wrinkled hands from 3+ hours of swimming in the pool. 

I can't even describe how much I loved this and not for all the selfish reasons. But really, truly for the time that those kids got with just Ryan and the time he got with just them. They couldn't wait to tell me about all of their adventures and showed up with the biggest smiles on each of their faces. I take for granted all the time I get with these tiny humans and their trip reminded me just how special our time is. 

But, I'd be lying if I didn't include the 4 hours I spent at the spa as a favorite, too. 

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. I just think this is so special that he took them on a little roadtrip!! I love Embassy Suites too...breakfast is always amazing. Reid & I stayed there the night we got married...lol...and then he literally took like everything when we packed up the next day. I should have known I was in trouble.

  2. I love when my husband takes my kids on trips. It always goes so fast. And he hasn't done it recently! I love the pictures too.

  3. How great for him to take them on a road trip! I know the time was special for all. I always try to push time for just Nathan and Mason so they can get some one on one. Love the pictures!