This was our last official week of summer. I go back to work tomorrow which means our mornings of waking up late and doing nothing until we feel like it is over. And I am throwing a MAJOR pity party about it.

I mean, I swear, if someone would just give me one million dollars, I promise that I would take good care of it! HA! In the meantime, we had another great week at home with Ryan...starting with a mini road trip with just him and the kids. #picturesarehard

Their time away meant that I had the house all to myself, so I finally used a gift card I've had since March and spent the day at Riviera Day Spa, getting pampered and coming home to a SILENT house.

I spent Wednesday morning brunching with my work bestie and catching up on life. She reminded me how amazing my friends are, how capable we are as women, and how important it is to check-in with your tribe. 

And since I sat around for a solid two days, I decided that I should check something off my list, so I unpacked all of the back-to-school goodies that Gigi bought for the kids and reorganized some drawers. 

The girls and I ran to Target for my 5th trip of the week. I bought one new lamp which caused a domino effect of lamp buying. I think we finally found a combo of winners - and the key to a soft glow at night? 25W bulbs. 

We also picked up some new dance gear for these two girls. I don't think they actually NEEDED these leos, but since they were on clearance, I couldn't say no.

On Friday morning, I headed back to the salon for a fresh back-to-school do for myself. 

I LOVE it - I almost think I could have gone even shorter, but baby steps are a smart move.

Then Ryan and my dad tackled a project that popped into my head a couple of weeks ago. 

If you remember from our home tour, we had the room with too much stuff, so I wanted to declutter a but by combining our china cabinet and buffet into one piece. In my head, we were just going to saw off the legs and throw the cabinet on top. Turns, out... IT WAS TWO PIECES!

Y'all. Look how much better this space looks now!

We are going to put the table in the attic and perhaps be REAL grown-ups and do a "window treatment" which is really just code for hanging curtains. 

Here's the space before and after we moved the piano - we finally had a space to hang all of Fely's Sid Dickens tiles and now I may start requesting additions for Christmas and birthdays. I'm loving the Songbird, Joy,  and of course Queen. (And maybe this guy for the holidays).

And here's a side by side of the old cabinet and the "deluxe" addition...I can't get over how great it looks! Now I think we need to paint the walls. Feel free to leave your suggestions!

 Landry has been a trooper these past two weeks - long days, skipped naps, and late nights. She was EXHAUSTED and just needed some quiet - she asked if she could lay down in my bed with my new favorite article of clothing (that Ryan surprised me with from the NSale) and then I walked in to this... 

Then Ryan and I snuck away for a date night while Miss Elizabeth SPOILED our kids with a major outing to capture some Pokemon. 

This $99 Walmart glider has seen it all - crying babies, nursing babies, laughing babies, mad babies, sick babies, happy babies... it sits in our room like a toy a child has outgrown; collecting dust and begging for attention. I found Landry in our room, still tired from an afternoon of swimming and another missed nap, and looked at me and said, "Momma, can you rock me?"... this sweet glider that sticks and creaks didn't let us down and for a second she was my baby all over again. 

And then we had some fun with Snapchat. I DIED at this one. Like could.not.stop.laughing.

And Emersyn makes the perfect little Filipino boy while Ryan makes the creepiest little girl ever.

And while Simone, Simone, and Michael are busy bringing home gold, these guys medaled in Lego building when they finished the Millennium Falcon! 

We tried ending our two week staycay with brunch at this fun new place in town, but... 

And that's us in an instant!

Linking up with these fun ladies again... 

Biana from B Loved Boston 

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  1. Major pity party going on over here, too! Mason starts back to school on the 22nd and we are just not ready. We’ve been enjoying summer too much. I pray that your transition back is a really smooth one. The girls in their dance leos – so so so cute! Love that soft pink color and the bows n the straps! Precious. Your haircut looks so pretty! Love that length on you. Whoa, majorly impressed by that Lego Falcon! That one looks difficult.

    1. I am usually so excited for school... but we had the best summer at home and I just don't want it to end! Praying y'all have a smooth day tomorrow!

  2. Love love love your new cut! Too cute!

    And combining those two pieces of furniture was genius. It looks awesome!

    1. I can't believe it took us this long - I mean, it completely changes the room. I just LOVE it!