Our week started out with a little road trip north to celebrate one of my most favorite teachers, educators and mentors of all time. 

This man. He is a teacher in every single sense of the word and his lessons lasted well beyond that blacktop filled with HUNDREDS of kids from a tiny Texas town wanting nothing more than to make him proud. He taught us about hard work, commitment, dedications, pride, respect, discipline, acceptance and leadership. That megaphone he carried wasn't really necessary because the example he and his staff set was seen well before they even spoke a word. His expectation was always just to give and do and be our best.  If we did that, nothing else mattered. 600 kids in our high school and nearly 300 were in the band. His legacy is left in each of us that he taught as we go and do and be our best. He was hall of fame well before someone gave him that title and we are all ever so grateful for every practice, every lesson and even every lap we had to run around that band hall. I am just so glad that all I had to carry was a flute. 

Pops, the kids and I made our way to the (new) high school where HUNDREDS of people had gathered to congratulate Mr. Clines on being inducted into the Bandmasters Hall of Fame. And I'm sure to some of you, that may sound sill. But to our town, he is an icon. He truly did so much more than taught us how to march. He taught us so many important life lessons and his impact is still felt by all of us - which was clear when you saw all those people lined up just to hug his neck. 

We had TWO-A-DAYS in band y'all. Football players marched. I directed in my cheerleading uniform. The town shut down for one of our marching contests. We grew up on that blacktop and field and I love and appreciate all of those early mornings, late nights and super fun road trips. 

Our class won the state marching championship BACK TO BACK and Jenni, Lyndee and I found our trophy.

And then on the one from my senior year...I FOUND MY NAME!

How did I not know this existed?!?!

(Also, I only had my phone which is why these pics are so amazing.)

And then after band, we went out for some beer. 

Just like high school. 


(I'm kidding of course.) 

(or am I?)


I also feel like it's important to not keep this a secret any longer...

On Tuesday we headed to Charis' where there are always tons of tiny humans around with and play.

We did pause for a special event - LANDRY'S FIRST HAIR CUT. 

I know, I know. She's four, but I have some hair issues and I just couldn't pull the trigger. 

I mean, look at that beautiful curl. 

Whenever we spend more than a day in Waco, the kids leave begging me to move there...it didn't last as long as usual this time because we drove into town and immediately picked up the besties and left Landry with Millie and Tia.

I can't decide what was the most adorable thing of the night... these two cozied up with one serving as a pillow... 

or these two munching on the craziest popcorn mixture while trying to watch all 6 Star Wars...

or all four watching the most darling bunnies play in the dirt outside.

They spent a full 24 hours together and not one fight. Not even a peep of annoyance. They had the best time and I did, too!

The kids emptied every bit of change from their piggy banks at the beginning of summer and cashed it in for "fun money" - they each get $100/week. Some weeks they save it, some weeks they spend it... this week Rad spent his on lunch.

And since he was still a little hungry after, I introduced him to pimento cheese and Ritz crackers. 

The fort I built on Tuesday lasted the rest of the week and was the perfect little back drop for a long over-due project. Birthday books inspired by Bebe for each of the kids - they include a picture from their birthday and a party invitation every year from 1 - 21. 

On Thursday, Emmy and I tackled a project for Clarabelle - a custom computer!

We caught this little guy.


AND WE GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I joined the ranks of 1000s of women before me that have held the title of "minivan mom". They've battled carpools, soccer games, dance recitals and slumber parties. They've seen things that will never be erased from their mind, like crushed Cheerios, month old donuts, and a McDonalds fry that looks the same as it did a year ago when it fell between the seats. They've travelled near and far jamming to music they don't understand only to make their children and their friends happy. They've laughed, they've cried and they've "pulled this damn van over". They've been navigators, crusaders, warriors and pioneers. None more so than my own Momma, who valiantly drove "Betsy" for over 250K miles. 


And then this happened...

And I HAVE to tell y'all. We accidentally left something on so the next morning, the battery was DEAD. And the van was in the GARAGE. Luckily Ryan is smart and was able to get it out so we could give it a jump in time to make it to Miss Claire's super fun birthday party at the lake!

Then on Sunday I got some Target time in with Cindy and no children. 

Grabbed some new amazing beer. 

And made a late night DQ run with my four favorite people.

Such a fun week and we still have three weeks of summer left!


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