Little girl, BIG first...

This larger-than-life little first grader had a big first last week. She finally lost her first tooth... but don't think it was easy, no, this took some time and effort on everyone's part. 

Her tooth had been loose for weeks... she wiggled it back and forth and back and forth... much like when we are preparing ourself to try something new...we have to work our way up to do it. 

Sometimes it hurts, or it's just plain scary and it takes being brave, showing courage, and putting trust into the person that is helping us along the way. 

And, sometimes, even when you think you are TOTALLY READY... 

something tells you to stop. And you do. 

I love watching my kids be brave - I love seeing them try something new. I love the purpose that their reminders serve in my life. And while you may be sitting there thinking, "Katy, it's just a tooth..." to them it is so much more. It's conquering the unknown, it's putting up with a bit of pain, it's trusting others... Their bravery lets me know that I can be brave, too. I can conquer the unknown, I can put up with a bit of pain (physical/emotional/mental) and I can and should trust others  ... in this case Him. When I was looking back at these pics I snapped, the message of faith was just screaming at me. 

He shows up in the oddest places, because, well, He shows up in all the places. If we let him. And when we do trust Him, then that bravery is fueled by a much stronger force than our own. 

And so we try again. 

We go to that place of fear and anxiety thats also filled with thrill and excitement.

And we put up with a little pain. 

We may, at one point, hear the naysayers and decide that we can't do it... 

but we try again. 

And then we do. (And sometimes, the memory is blurry... or the photographer is crappy at taking pictures). 

And what we find, is that what comes after is stronger, more capable and longer lasting than the fear of losing what we had to begin with. 

Yes, He shows up in the oddest places. 

I started by writing a memory of Emersyn losing her first tooth, but He wanted me to tell a different story today... so I did. What are you doing today to be brave? How are you letting Him help you?

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  1. My son freaks out when he loses teeth! He'd never let us put our hands on them like that. My littlest hasn't lost his first one yet. I wonder if he will soon!