Simple summer recap...

I'm kind of late with this recap, but I'm counting it as a win since it's still August for another 2 hours. We set a goal to have a "simple summer" this year and I think we achieved just that, crossing every item off our summer bucket list, except camping. (We will hopefully get to that this fall.)

In case you missed our other adventures, here's a little recap...

Visit another state - check

The kids and Ryan went on a mini road trip in August and managed to cross the border and hit Oklahoma. 

Travel somewhere with Gigi and Pops - sorta. 

With MaMaw's unexpected accident in May, my moms summer got turned upside down. She's been in Baton Rouge ever since...so while we technically didn't get to travel with Gigi and Pops, we did travel to see Gigi! (And Pops later, too!) 

This was their tiger face.

Visit 3 new parks - check. 

We decided to celebrate hop a park day by hopping the 3 splash parks in town - so so so much fun!

Make homemade ice-cream - check.

You know why ice cream tastes so good?? Because of this... 

This was a super fun, sorta random evening that I highly recommend you try soon!

Volunteer together - check.

Holly organizes volunteer hours at the food bank each summer and I'm so glad that we get to be part of this!

Pop fireworks/sparklers - check.

We couldn't let July 4th pass without checking this one off our list!

Make sun tea - check.

I just don't think summer can happen without making this at least once. 

Scavenger hunt - check.

Pokemon Go ended up counting as a scavenger hunt AND treasure hunt. The kids had so much fun with this game ... and we are still on the hunt for more!

PJ day/Skip Day/Yes Day - check.

I decided that I could say yes for 24 hours... I didn't let the kids know when it was going to happen and I think I had more fun than they did!

I mean, how could I say no to these four faces?

Go to the beach - check.

Our minivacay was my favorite weekend of the summer. 

We5Kings absolutely love the beach!

Library day - check.

We did this more than once - checking out books at the library may be my new favorite thing.

Bury a time capsule - check.

I can't wait to dig this up in 5 years! The kids had such a good time finding things to put into our jar... I think they are going to love digging this up!!!

So there you have it - our simply amazing, simple summer!


  1. Yay for checking things off your summer list!! Looks like you had a blast!!

  2. Love it! Summers are for making memories and you guys made lots of them! Already looking forward to summer 2017!!!

  3. Great job getting through that list! I seriously was so shocked when I started working on my recap how much we really did.

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