KBTB: August

Happy Wednesday everybody! This has become one of my favorite link-ups every month - short, simple and sure to put a smile on your face! This month's questions are all about back to school... enjoy!

1. What was your favorite thing you did this summer?

R - Galveston /  E - Birthday / L - Beach

2. What's your favorite topic to learn at school?

R - Math
E - Math
L - Letters

3. Who is your best-friend from school?

R - Carlos / E - Macy / L - Millie

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

R - Marine Biologist / E - Teacher / L - Dancer

5. What is your least favorite thing about school?

R - Spelling / E - ABC Station is boring / L - Going outside because I don't like to get sweaty (HAHA!!)

One of my favorite back-to-school traditions is taking the kids out on individual dates. Seriously so much fun and so many reasons to make this a priority! Thanks for stopping by... make sure to head over to these fun blogs for more fun...

And join me and Shelly next week as we Spiel the Beans and share our favorite school memories and what we would tell our younger self!