Let's Talk: Fall Favorites

Y'all. The temperatures are about to drop to a LOW 80 DEGREES.... Can I get an AMEN!?!?!

I honestly feel like I am fiercely loyal to the current season I am in....until I am not whatsoever and then I'm all ...

So while we had one pretty epic summer.... I am so dang excited for FALL! I am counting down the days until it is acceptable for me to turn my mantle back in to this... 

The fragrance, the food, the fashion, and let's not forget the excitement of football season (more about that tomorrow). Fall is simply the best! 

Fall Fragrance

I am a sucker for candles and my absolute without a doubt favorite are from Bath & Body Works

My favorite two are Sparkling Amber and Mahogany Teakwood. (Y'all these are currently on sale for $12.50... BUY ALL THE CANDLES!).  I also am on the pumpkin bandwagon, but I usually spend a lot less on those and just go with Glade. ;)

Fall Food

Fall is the perfect time for comfort food. Some of my families favorites... 

And let's be honest, once the temperature drops even half a degree, my coffee consumption increases by about 110% just a little. ;)

Fall Fashion

I mean, I can't even stand the cuteness of these kids. I also can't handle the week worth of cool weather we get where I can layer it up, pull out my booties and generally be incredibly cozy walking around all day. I have been so inspired by Shelly with how she mixes patterns, layers it up and makes every single day a day filled of fashion of fun. I feel like I am the bravest in the fall. 

Also. Why don't I smile in these pictures? HAHA!

And I clearly have a love affair with ponchos. But, I ask you, WHY WOULDN'T I...


Yep. The fall means football around here, or should I say fĂștbol. 

Radley has his first practice of the year tonight. He joined the local club program this year and we are excited to see him to continue to develop in a sport that he loves. Emersyn totally rocked as a soccer star last year, but she's laying low this season and will probably play again in the spring. 

Shelly and I are talking all about American football tomorrow so make sure to join us for our next Spiel the Beans link-up!

So there you have it - some of the reasons I love fall. Can't wait to read everyone linking with Andrea and Erika about what gets you so excited about this season!!



  1. I seriously think i'm also bravest fashion wise in the fall! I just love layering now that I figured it all out. Super excited it was so much cooler this morning.

  2. I love that fringe poncho! Where did you get it from? Fall is def my favorite season of all!

    1. Hi Betsy! I got it at a local boutique in town... I actually die at the name... Giddy-Up Glamour. I go about once a year but always find the cutest stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love your little family! And all your favorites :)


  4. Gotta love the fall fashion for kids ;) and I agree the candles are amazing!!

    1. Yes! I could buy every item of clothing for the kids which is why I try to avoid shopping!