Harry + Junie B.

One of my favorite events of the year was on Friday... the College Hills Annual Book Character Parade!

Supergirl was ready to watch!

I am seriously always so amazed at the creativity - CAMP took the prize for me - they each dressed up as their favorite Dr. Seuss book.

The only thing I don't like about the parade is that it's almost impossible to watch AND take pictures. 

I spotted Harry pretty easily and snapped a few good ones of him. 

This kid. His first attempt at creating the cover of the book included writing the title and that's it. He has a tendency to just want to finish things and move on because he doesn't want to miss what's next. Or because he just wants to check it off his list.  (Ehm, he **may** get that activator/achiever combo from me). Once I finished threatening to take away something he evaluated and processed his decision, he completed his second attempt and came up with this masterpiece. 

Mrs. Fargason was cracking me up - she has been so much fun this year. 

We seem to have a trend of fun teachers - loved seeing Mrs. Vega as Pinkalicious... 

and I'm not sure who Mrs. Adams was, but she clearly rocked it. 

Where is Waldo? Oh - he's right there! 

I spotted a familiar little Junie B. and crew...

she was walking with her bestie, Fancy Nancy.


I just love this day so much - even if I don't know the books, I know that each person that dressed up like a book character chose that character for a reason.

Once the parade is finished, we all gather in the gym for a pep rally...

the teachers put on a "show"...

and (my favorite part) the band, cheerleaders, football players and dancers from AMCHS come and address the kiddos. 

The whole morning is meant to promote reading and I love it!

Four down... five to go! Can't wait to see all the characters they will pick!

What character would you be?


  1. Replies
    1. It is seriously the most darling thing that you can imagine!!! Love it!!

  2. This has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Maybe one day my football player will be there at the pep rally and I can come! :)

    1. That would be so much fun!!! He'd be there when E and L are!