12 Days of Christmas (9, 8, 7)...

And the countdown continues... these past three days have been so much fun - seriously can't believe that we are LESS THAN a WEEK away from Christmas!

Only 9 days until Christmas – Game on! Let’s make breakfast and play some games!

Brinner is a great idea any night of the week - but it's especially fantastic when the temp drops a little and the week has been especially long. We get fancy over here and smash some bananas for banana pancakes and blueberries for blueberry pancakes. The kids add copious amounts of syrup while I eat mine plain. Once they were done filling those stomachs (Emmy ate 5 pancakes!) it was time for some games. 

This night is tricky - because while I'd love to tell you that these 3 are the "best-friend" type that just can't get enough of each other, the truth is that they are super competitive and never turn a blind eye when it means they may lose. So when the 9 year old is playing "sticks" with the 4 year old and she moves a stick even the teeniest, tiniest bit.... yeah... he calls her on it. 

They each picked out a game and we all had the best time. The laughs outweighed the frustration with Radley taking the cake on the latter. Poor kid, it's hard being the oldest. 

I totally beat all of them at Twister. And then made sure to act just like they do when one of the wins a game because I am nothing if not immature. 

To add to our merriment, Gigi and Pops were in town on their way to Baton Rouge and the kids call any night with Gigi and Pops a big giant win no matter how many games they lose.

We took a minor intermission for these two because they made up their own board game... 


Yes.  That. 

We finished the evening with Disney Trivia and y'all - that game is HARD. And it's from the 90s so I feel like that makes it super hard because it's OLD. TWENTY YEARS OLD. The 90s were TWENTY YEARS AGO. Oh my gosh. I can't focus on that... 

Only 8 days until Christmas – Let’s get cozy under the Christmas trees!!

This is my FAVORITE night every.single.year. I feel like we usually have two weekends before Christmas to squeeze this into the countdown, but this year because of the way the dates fell, this was our only night to get this done and have Ryan join us. We decided to go to church on Saturday because an actual cold front was blowing in and I knew we'd want to sleep in as long as we could. We picked Rise of the Guardians in honor of the fact that Jack Frost actually blew into College Station and each lasted about 10 minutes before falling asleep. 

 I woke up around 3am and snapped some pics and managed to stay awake only long enough to move Alfie. 

Did I mention the temperature drop? The day before, the high was 78.... 

Only 7 days until Christmas – Light 5 candles at church for people that need prayers It's freezing outside - let's stay in pjs ALL DAY instead!! *after Sunday School

We called an audible given that it was 24 degrees and dropping.... but since I am the writer of the countdown, we lit candles the night before - each kid got to pick two people... Radley picked MaMaw and Nana (Jenni's momma that we lost), Landry picked Millie and Macy, and Emmy picked "the lady in white" (more on her later) and our family. 

We took it slow and easy that morning, laying around, playing with cars and I think they watched a movie. Then while the bigs went to Sunday School, this tiny one helped me bake some pumpkin cookies for teachers. 

She does so well and takes her job measuring very seriously. I think next time I'm going to label each ingredient with how much we need of each and let her try by herself. 

We could have a famous baker on our hands!

Then Ryan and Radley headed to the movies for some Rogue One action and these two crazies decided to dress up like puppies and go play outside. 

Emmy: Momma, take a picture of us jumping... 

They have decided that this shall be there Halloween costume next year - I have decided that is one less thing on my list, so ok!

She acted like a puppy all.day.long. ALL.DAY.LONG. 

We had a fantastic lazy Sunday that ended with gift wrapping, steak eating, and early bedtimes for all. Can't wait for these next six days.... 

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