Feliz Christmakwanzakuh...

Monday brought in super cold weather (24 degrees!!) which made it the perfect day for some holiday party fun! I walked into Emmy's room and spotted her and the bestie in deep conversation. I love watching this friendship blossom.

I'm convinced that there is nothing cuter in the whole wide world than tiny children singing Christmas carols while wearing pjs. 


We were treated to 3 quick songs and then it was time to eat which is always my favorite part.

We didn't stay long because there was another group waiting to perform... 

These two were causing some trouble in the back... not really, but they were pretty cute laughing through some of the songs. 

Nothing better than seeing your kiddos happy.

She got to skip out on her party to watch Radley "perform"... 

The next day was the school sing along - I didn't video much because it was 45 minutes long, but I do love that they sing songs about lots of holidays. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza were all represented - my favorite was Cray Cray Christmas.... Tis the season!

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  1. What a nice little celebration! Love the pics of the two kids together!!