Emmy and the Chipmunks...

Emersyn has been rehearsing for a special performance for the past several weeks in dance class and this past weekend, we finally got the chance to watch her in action.

** Ps. I tried to shoot these pics as if I knew what I was doing and once again - I don't. Y'all, photography is HARD... and I totally suck at it. It's like I keep getting worse instead of better. ** 

But, even through the grainy picture you can see that she shines on "stage."

As an added bonus, her bestie is in the same class and they were right next to each other. 

My heart just bursts to see her so happy and confident. I am amazed by how much progress she has made since her first class two years ago. 

She really just has so much fun and that is the most important thing for me. 

Each of these girls did such a great job and now I can't wait for their recital in May!

Big thanks to Gigi and Pops for making the early morning drive in the rain for the 3 minute show!

And in a crazy turn of events - Ryan was able to make it, too! Christmas miracle, folks!

And for your added pleasure, here is the dance. (Not sure why it uploaded so horribly - it's clear on the phones!)

And that wasn't all the fun we had planned for the weekend... 

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