Final Jingle Bells...

Yesterday Shelly and I talked about Christmas memories and so much of my favorite memories are tied to specific traditions and last night I'm sad to say that we said goodbye to one of our favorite most recent traditions. For the past six years, we've attended the Christmas Program at the Weekday School and it has been full of spirit, maybe a few tears, and a whole lot of joy.

Last night was no exception... as soon as the kids starting walking in, you could feel the delight in room... 

most of them were smiling with the anticipation of showing off their performance skills. 

(Ps. Gigi and I caved and made a last minute Christmas dress purchase - so glad we did because HOW DARLING IS SHE?!?!)

She kept looking over at us and I couldn't help but hold back the tears knowing that sweet face is growing up.

I think she was really looking at this guy because he not only made the performance, but he managed to be early!! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE Y'ALL!!!!!

Landry has been practicing the songs for weeks so I'd gotten a few preview performances but she would always hold back a little, "You have to wait for the show, Momma..."

and I as I scanned the crowd and looked at those angelic faces and listened to those sweet voices, 

I said a quick prayer of thanks for this darling, amazing, village that my kids have grown up with. I pray that they remember these first friendships that filled their hearts with joy and compassion and love and loyalty. That they know just how lucky we were that we ended up in a community of believers that taught more than just the ABCs but lessons of kindness, perseverance and understanding. 

I hope that the faces we've seen the past almost decade continue to be ones that we run into long after we cross daily paths in the parking lot. That we connect time and time again encourage and support these hearts for many years to come. 

We had our usual band of fans (not pictured: Uncle Pete and crew)

and took the usual sibling pictures. Radley was actually feeling under the weather when I picked him up from school so we asked if he wanted to miss the program and stay home with Gigi... "No momma, it's the last one... I need to go and see everyone, plus I don't want to miss Landry."

This crew fights with the best of them, but the love each other fiercely, too. 

Who knows, We5Kings may become the creepers in the audience that no one knows just so we can snap a picture in front of this poinsettia tree. 

And these two... y'all. The Munson/King bond is strong, but these two may take the cake for best besties. 

We obviously had to take a picture of the 10 of us.

10 years
6 kids
100s of scraped knees, spilled milks, dirty clothes, forgotten nap mats... 
1000s of reassuring hugs and life's lessons
1 amazing school 

**and an undisclosed amount of money spent that was well worth the investment** 

I know that we still have the entire spring semester here, but my mornings really won't be the same not running into Cindy as we try to "save the world" from whatever issue is currently on our soap box. I'll miss hugging the kids and catching up with friends. I'll miss these teachers and the support that we feel from each and every one of them. 

We of course celebrated the only way you do when you are saying a final farewell to an old friend...

We took our kids to a bar. 

The End. 


  1. Oh my goodness....this picture at the chicken is my fave!!!

  2. That dress is so festive! Such beautiful pics!

  3. New favorite post! So glad we got to see you guys at the bar - you know, celebrating our 15 year olds birthday! :)