Friday Favorites: Destination Iceland

We5Kings made a quick trip to the land of ice a couple of weekends ago. We surprised them one morning after we had already done a few things with an early Christmas present... 

Wasn't my best work but I wrote the clue in about 20 seconds, printed it out and Ryan put it in a gift bag because we are the kind of people that think of big things and do them in small ways. The kids could not have been more excited....the best part about this surprise is that I spent all of Friday night going in and out of their rooms to grab clothes to pack and they never even noticed. 

We arrived in Galveston around 5pm and it was pouring rain. Buckets and buckets and buckets of rain. We stopped by our hotel to throw down our bags and thrown on some layers because "Iceland" is only NINE DEGREES. Y'all. 

That's pretty freaking cold. 

So, this rain. Do you know what happens when you get wet and then walk around a facility that is only NINE DEGREES?!? Thankfully, my husband is a selfless servant and dropped us off as close as possible to the tent, but he drove off to park thinking we had an extra umbrella in the car... maybe because I said, "I have another umbrella in the car."


He was DRENCHED and so the picture below isn't really of him smiling, he's just frozen.

The theme for this year was "Christmas in the Caribbean" and this kid was extra excited.

Sharks were everywhere!

They couldn't believe that everything was made out of ice - "Mommy, is this ice" was said about 100 times from Landry.

We walked as slow as we could but y'all, it was SOOOO cold. I'm so glad we layered up as much as we did... I don't know if we could live where it regularly gets this cold.

This turtle was my favorite sculpture. Isn't it just incredible? 

They really couldn't stop smiling or telling us thank you...I just love taking them places, even if it's 3 hours away. They are such explorers and want to see and do so many things and we like to make that happen when we can.

Selfie just to prove we were there!

At the end of the display they have an ice slide and Landry wasn't interested in going at first.

Then she went with Ryan...

and then we couldn't get her to stop. Ha!

They wanted to go through backwards so we could see it all again, but there was no way I coud stay longer - y'all. NINE DEGREES. {Texas} Iceland was a success but the weekend surprises weren't over!

We got up on Sunday morning to head back to CS and since we have to go through Houston, we thought it would be fun to make a quick to visit an old friend because #wewontstopbelieving.

Emersyn said she was too big to sit in his lap but I'm thinking it was more because I asked her to sit in his lap and less because she thinks she's 16. 

It's also the only time I've visited a Santa Claus when the "elves" asked if we wanted them to take a picture with our phone!?! What?!

Yes, Mr. Elf with the giant neck tattoo of a dragon, yes I do. 

We sealed the weekend with a kiss and headed home!


  1. Love this soooo much! The picture with Santa is so good!

  2. Ok, so I thought you took off to Iceland the country! lol!