Here we go...

A few weeks ago I was down for the count with a horrible migraine and Holly came to the rescue and made us dinner. A village that shows up is one of life's greatest blessings. 

One of her friends got glasses so she has been wanting to wear her specs to school more and more lately. I really want a pair of these in prescription lenses. 

Alfie ate too much candy. This maybe was the best day ever for the kids. They laughed for a week. And wouldn't you know it... the next day when he moved there were 3 tiny chocolate kisses in that toilet. Gross. But funny.

I invite the FISH execs over for dinner every December. This crew is always the greatest part of my job. Photo cred: Radley

When did these babies become so big?!?! It was reindeer day at Emmy's school and I've held on to these dresses. Landry looked at it and said, "Momma, I don't think that's gonna fit...but I try." We made it work.... for one more year.

I gifted myself an evening of shopping alone. Miss Elizabeth came over to hang with the kiddos and I spent 4 hours in peaceful bliss making the rounds around town. 

Also. Have I mentioned that I have the greatest students ever? Kelsey picked the perfect gift to surprise me with, especially before a weekend away!

I was headed out of town for a conference for four days and one of my major concerns was Alfie. I already had a ton of people carting kids around, I wasn't about to throw an elf in the mix. So, well.... 

Meanwhile I was hard at work in Long Beach.

We really did have work to do - loved presenting with these amazing women. 

And while I was hard at work away, Ryan was hard at work at home. He managed to mail Christmas cards... 

take the kids to assist in bagging meals for 1500 local families... 

in COORDINATED outfits (that I didn't even pick out)... 

and get Radley to a birthday party.

I managed to meet a former student/lifelong friend for dinner along with his darling girlfriend, Michelle. She and I became fast friends. 

I made it home in time for Landry's last Christmas program... 

followed by a big celebration at a local jewel. 

Then it was back to the grind in College Station where the air was getting crisper which meant I could layer it up for 20 minutes a day.

And in case you're not completely convinced that my students are amazing ... one of them hand delivered a HOMEMADE coconut cream pie to my office. 

We had our holiday party one afternoon - my attire game was strong. I mean... A CHRISTMAS SKIRT?!?! Perfection.

The next day was PJ day for Landry and never before in my life have I wanted to be more like her than this day. She is awesome.

By Saturday morning, that smiling face was under the weather with a cold and runny nose. She just wanted to sleep and cuddle. I'll take it.

And that's us in an instant!


  1. You have some pretty fabulous students! What a perk to your job!! I can't wait to hear what you think of that Lauren Graham book. I just love her!!
    Merry Christmas, Katy!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. The book was so great! I read it in one sitting on the flight to California - fast paced and fun - just as you'd expect! Merry Christmas to you!!