Tiny Tales Thursday...

Most of my mornings, I wake up, get dressed and then proceed to wake up the kids and get them all ready for school. Some morning, I wake up to Landry gently tapping my face, asking me to pick her up and let her snuggle in our bed for a while

That's what happened on Monday.

Except I was on the couch.
Dying from a migraine.
And it was 7:30am.
10 solid minutes past the time we need to leave the house to get to school on time.

Since I'm such a great mom, I looked up at the kids and said, "How do y'all feel about skipping school today?"

They all shouted for joy.
I went back to sleep.

The kind of sleep where you still hear things and also want to to die. Because, migraine.

I basically couldn't function.

But I could hear Radley pouring cereal and telling the girls to be quiet and let me sleep.

About 40 minutes later, I resumed consciousness enough to realize that everyone at home was just not going to work because that would mean the making of the lunches and the answering of the questions and then doing of the things. Which was basically about as realistic as Lorelai Gilmore making it through the day with no coffee.

So, I got off the couch and told the kids that they should probably go to school.

Landry: Noooooo, I want to stay home with you.
Emmy: Nooooo... we're already tardy and I don't want to be in trouble.
Radley: Yes!  Because I really want to go to college.

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