All they want for Christmas...

 As I was getting dinner ready last night, Emersyn looks at me and matter-of-factly says: "I'm so excited because Alfie will be here in the morning!" To which I reply, "Oh, really? How do you know?" With a know-it-all glance, "Well, because it's December 1st and he always comes on December 1st."

Good thing, I know how to read a calendar, too. This year, he pulled out alllll the stops with his fancy "North Pole Breakfast." Go ahead and hop over to Pinterest and search "north pole breakfast" then click back over here and thank me for moving the bar down 1000 notches. 

They were THRILLED with the sugar, powdered sugar, crunchy sugar and pop tart options. All I had to do was supply some milk. (Mental note: serve milk in mugs more often - they drink it all!)

And since they were so fortuitous, they were prepared with their Santa letters. 

Baby {doll} stuff

Pokemon Cards
Nerf Guns
Scratch Tickets (yes, as in lottery tickets)
Whatever Santa wants to bring him

(Can we pause and reflect on her hand writing?!?)
Zip Line (for all of them)

After that amazing breakfast, they were all ready to mail those letters...

Radley was totally forcing this smile... 

Emersyn wanted to do a "real pose"... 

And they were off to the North Pole.

Something tells me that they are going to be pretty excited on Christmas morning... 

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