Christmas Memories: Spiel the Beans Linkup

Today Shelly and I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and share our favorite Christmas memories. Narrowing 37 years of memories seems like an incredibly hard task but I'm going to do my best to try. Every single Christmas holds special moments and joy, I can't possibly remember which one means the most...

Christmas Traditions

Of course I love all the traditions we have each year but I really love how much the kids love our traditions each year. From decorating our house, and trimming the tree, to our Christmas countdown that may or may not include the same activities each and every year... traditions are what make those memories last. I love that we celebrate with the Munsons by giving back to others... 

And I really love...

Christmas Eve

Growing up we shared a tradition with a family that we don't really see anymore. I believe the story goes that my parents met them at the swimming pool one summer and the rest was history. They became part of our village and we loved each other like family. At Christmas we would always come together to celebrate and as an adult I find our tradition especially incredible; you see this family was baptist and we are Catholic and while the most important connection is that we believe in a Savior that was sent to forgive our sins, there are some minor differences that would make this pairing seem odd to some people. But for us, it worked. Each Christmas Eve we would go to their church for a 6pm candle light service and as soon as it was over we would head to either our home or theirs; trading off each year. We'd eat and eat and laugh and eat and play games and eat and watch movies and eat and then we'd all bundle up, jump in the car and head to midnight mass. I love midnight mass. LOVE. I love that the priest walks in carrying baby Jesus to add him to the manger and that we celebrate the moment that changed our lives.

I still love Christmas Eve... the day looks a little different, except that eating part. Mainly because we are making enough meatballs to prep for...

Christmas Day

I can't possibly think of one gift that was my favorite - I'd say every Christmas morning was amazing. The way the flood light over our fireplace would spotlight our special gifts and stockings; how my brother and I would sort the gifts and make sure Mom had her Dr Pepper ready to go and how no matter what we asked for or how much we could afford, Santa always seemed to deliver. These traditions have now spread to our kids and my heart grows more thankful with each year. But perhaps my favorite thing about Christmas is that there is always room for one more. As long as I can remember, we've fed the masses. Guercio Gravy, meatballs, boiled eggs, bread and crab mornay multiply as if Jesus himself was feeding those 5000. We have room for anyone that finds themselves without a destination and we haven't run out of food yet. I actually get sad when friends make plans and can't join us for Christmas spaghetti - so if you don't have plans, then make sure to come over to our house!

I'd have to say my most favorite Christmas Day recently, I mean, if I HAD to pick one, would be when Jody, Sonya and Owen were here for Christmas morning.

It was the first time the five of us had been together on Christmas in 15 years!!! 

I could keep going and going because even though it's stressful and crazy and overwhelming and I don't see my husband near as much as either of us would like... this season really is full of magic. Blessings to you and yours... may the magic of the season fill you with joy!

Now it's your turn to share a special Christmas memory!  Be sure to mark your calendar for December 27th and come back for a new spin on New Years resolutions where we will be sharing something we will resolve NOT to do in 2017!  

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  1. I used to love going to midnight mass; our church did a candlelight service and even as a pretty young child I was allowed to participate. I thought I was so grown up because I was allowed to hold that lit candle and stay up so late!