A few pictures and lots of memories...

Twas early Christmas morning when three kiddos appeared
"Mommy! Mommy! Daddy!...Santa was here!"
Excitement and wonder filled their eyes 
As they ran to discover their stocking surprise

All on the nice list, that much was true
Scratch offs, art supplies and a GIANT beanie boo
They couldn't believe it when they looked towards the door
Could it really be? Santa left MORE?!?

Mom - look a teepee and a zipline too?
And how did Santa know we wanted that movie, part 2???

Laughter filled the room and loved filled our hearts
Seeing the smiles on those faces is always the best part

After working our way through Santa's many treats
We filled up our tummy's with my favorite eats
Doesn't look like much but it's heaven on a plate
Had this every Christmas since 1998

The food was quickly eaten and we all took our place
The gifts were sorted like at Hogwarts, each present in it's space
Once again I was reminded that Christmas magic is real
As a kid this day was amazing, as a parent, it's surreal

You witness joy come to life with each smile that they share
As if God himself gently touched your hand to show you that He's there
We try to keep it simple, not too much under the tree... 

A want... 

a need... 

something to wear...

and something to read... 

Gigi doesn't follow those rules much to Pops' dismay
A gift for everybody and a dozen more cause it's Christmas Day!
The grown-ups get spoiled too, I don't even know where to start
These kiddos lavished each of us with gifts straight from the heart

My favorite part of every year are the hugs that they share
When opening the special gifts they picked out with care
Radley got Pokemon, Landry Shopkins stuff
And Emersyn more accessories for Clarabelle - she wasn't tough

And then I put the camera down, I didn't snap one more pic
I savored every second of the day that flew by quick
I didn't take a picture of us in front of three
But I managed to snag each of these precious little 3

The moments we remember most aren't the ones that are posed
They're the ones etched in our hearts, the most beautiful I propose
The laughter and snuggles, the kiss that's snuck real quick
Cause in a flash they are gone like jolly 'ol St. Nick

Merry Christmas everybody and Happy New Year, too
Love, hope and laughter are my wishes for each of you!

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  1. This post! It's fabulous! Love the poem, the pics...absolutely everything about it! You have a way with (rhyming) words! :)